Aging Movie Stars Are Baby Boomer Benchmarks


An interesting benchmark for baby boomers growing old is the movie stars who made the movies we grew up with. Sometimes it happens when you are watching a movie made in the sixties or seventies and you realize how young everybody looks. Sometimes it’s when you see one of those leading men or women today as septuagenarians.

Even if we don’t really feel all that old in other aspects of our life, for some reason seeing the stars of stage and screen – people who we always admired for their photogenic appearance and on screen coolness – living through their own aging process makes ours feel a little more noticeable.

Of course, making a career out of impressing others how good looking you are – not to mention your acting talents of course – has a big downside. Few people remain beautiful forever. That’s why, for the rest of us, getting older is just part of the process of living.

In fact, depending on what you do, or did, for a living, being a part of the aging baby boomer generation can have its benefits. After all, we are the can-do generation. We staked our generational reputation on changing things, and making things happen. It’s how we grew up, and it still persists today.

Sometimes seeing icons like Redford or Streisand can be a little sobering, particularly when you remember them in their heyday. But then seeing guys like Gates or Jobs makes you realize what our generation was able to accomplish. Few people have achieved the success of any of these people, but baby boomers are proud of their accomplishments nevertheless.

It’s important for Boomers not to lose that sense of accomplishment. We still have a lot of life to live and a long way to go. More and more boomers are realizing that even if they could retire – in other words if the Great Recession hadn’t come along and cleaned out their retirement accounts – they probably wouldn’t. There’s still too much to do, too many things to see, too many mountains to climb and too many challenges to conquer.

Boomers are the generation that coined the term “couch potato” and we are also the generation that unilaterally decided that being a couch potato is an unacceptable past time. Boomers love to get out and about. Boomers want to make things happen.

That’s why so many boomers are turning their personal passions into personal businesses. They get to do what they love to do, and then to make money doing it. For a lot of people today, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Many experts agree that movement is a fundamental part of living a long life. The more active you are, the healthier you stay. Sitting around all day pondering all of the years gone by is a sure way to shorten the number of years to come.

It’s time to join the boomer party. Regardless of where you are in your career – whether you’re winding it down, or finished with it altogether – it’s time to start a new one. Find something you love and make it happen. Even if you’re an aging movie star, you still have plenty of time left.

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