Ahir Shah Hates The Baby Boomer Generation | Stand Up Central


Ahir Shah explains how hard it is to live in the shadow of the iconic baby boomer generation.

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  1. Boomers: Go to post-secondary, get a degree, and you'll get a good job where you can earn enough to buy a house!
    Millennials: Ok! 😀
    Millennials: [Do exactly what they're told, but since nowadays post-secondary education = $100,000+ loan you have to pay back for the next 10+ years & jobs don't pay as much (If you can even get one in your field at all), you likely end up working at the service industry or working 2+ jobs just to make ends meet]
    Boomers: Ugh, why won't you buy things and own stuff like when I was your age?

  2. Everyone likes to think their generation is the poor badly done by victim , all i will say is i was around in " the good old days " working 12 hours a day , 6 days a week , and some times 7 days a week working hard labor to pay the bills ,
    Working conditions often where something most of the current younger generation would run a mile from 🙂 .
    But yeah lets call them the good old days .