American Home Builder Tips: Amenities for Baby Boomers


If you're a home builder, don't overlook the importance of the fastest-growing segment in the real estate market today: aging Baby Boomers. They may not like to admit it, but the Boomers are now entering what people used to call the "Golden Years," and they're beginning to look for homes that offer amenities geared toward older people. If you can offer homes that fit their tastes and specific demands, Baby Boomers will seek you out – and they generally have the money to spend on the things they want.

One of the most important considerations for the aging Baby Boomer segment of the market is functionality. Although many Boomers are looking for specific amenities, a sizable number of them are actually downsizing, since they have raised their families and are now looking for a home that offers both comfort and luxury. The types of floor plans that Boomers look for in their new homes often feature spacious, open kitchens that offer an opportunity to entertain guests while creating culinary artwork. Boomer women who worked at a fulltime job most of their adult lives are now looking to be able to spend greatly amounts of time in the kitchen, making up for lost time, so a great kitchen is vital to attracting their attention.

A large segment of the Boomer market also wants a home office in their floor plan, since many of them will continue doing some sort of business-related activity from home after retirement from their fulltime jobs. This is a chance for you as a builder to incorporate the latest information technology into your homes.

A large percentage of Boomers want a sunroom, as well – somewhere they can relax in the morning with a cup of Starbuck's and the New York Times. They have worked hard all their lives and are determined to reward themselves with quality leisure time, whether on vacation or at home.

Entertaining and entertainment are important to Boomers, too. Many look for wet bars in their new homes to offer even greater entertaining opportunities, and a sizable number express a desire for a media room that's geared toward the latest video and music technology.

Boomers are also health-conscious, so exercise rooms can be a strong selling point, and can relatively easily be incorporated into a multi-use space such as a family room or good-sized computer room.

As a general rule Boomers also like to see upgrades when it comes to things like floor coverings, cabinets, and kitchen countertops. They're often looking at their new home as a place to stay after trading up several times, so they want it to be both comfortable and luxurious, inside and out. So don't skimp on patios, porches, decks, and landscaping, and make sure your overall community is appealing, as well.

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