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  1. I just Love how you Group everyone in a certain age bracket together.Believe it or not ,not all of we born during that time are like that.What do you want us to do Go Die?It sure sounds like your hating people for just being born at a certain time you don't know nothing about their lives because some people are acting like that doesn't mean they all are that be like saying you are what some people say people your age are I don't know you but you can't say that about everybody until you go and talk to them all a lot of people just have jobs just to pay the bills that's it we don't have stacks of money saved up it was taken from us we lost our business as we lost all over the things that we work for and now we're just working to survive so honestly to be fair you don't know somebody you shouldn't judge them

  2. furthermore if someone wants to work you shouldn't be able to tell them they can't now I might live in a mobile home but don't let you think that I didn't work in my day because I did and you wouldn't know how hard I worked you weren't there I have one child that's 38 years old I have no grandchildren I've had cancer two times but I took care of that stuff myself instead of spending money in the medical system I don't draw Social Security I don't do anything that taxes the system my husband was in the military but he's been driving a truck for years it's not because he doesn't have an education and it's certainly not because I don't have one I just chose not to do that so I left that job open all those years so you just don't know to love people together is wrong assuming making asses of people when you pointing fingers you point more back at yourself and a microphone don't mean squat

  3. From G.I. generation to the mIllennial generation is the river approaching Niagara Falls, the Falls themselves, the bottom of the boiling cascade, the rapids slowing down, and then the water is comparatively calm. Do something during this hiatus, or else the stream becomes a shrinking, stagnant pond. I can but won't explain this analogy, but I will list the generations that are covered in order, to make it easier for the young fingerlings that are scudding about in their anguish: G.I., Silent, Baby Boom, X, Millennial, and last, perhaps, generation are somethings referred to as Z or for the Brits, Zed…

  4. I am a gen X. I was raised to revere my elders, the baby boomers. I used to think we had to protect their social security and Medicare from some vaguely described forces of greed that wanted to take it. Then the Great Recession happened, and the baby boomers showed enough of their true colors to wake me up. The boomers were only concerned about meet their benefits flowing while the rest of the country was drowning. They relentlessly mocked and blamed millennials for every problem, and they still do.

    When Obamacare was being put forth, they opposed it while proclaiming “keep your hands off my Medicare.” That was the last straw for me. You don’t have to support Obamacare to realize that they were basically saying “all the nearly free healthcare I want is my right, but you can just go suffer and die. Oh you want a small subsidy? Then you are a disgusting socialist taker, even though I take 50x as much.”

    I work in healthcare – in the ER. Every day I watch the boomers tear through a fortune in Medicare dollars. Most of it because of the long term effects of a selfish and unhealthy lifestyle. These folks show up after 50 years of eating crap, never exercising, drinking excessively, smoking, and doing drugs. And they say “I don’t feel good” so the government (read Gen X and the millennials) buys them $7500 worth of healthcare, which they waste by not following advice and not changing their habits. That same amount of spending could buy blood pressure meds and preventive care for 25 millennials for an entire year.

  5. Babyboomers take advantage of a system
    Babyboomers vote to have said system defunded when it's no longer needed by them
    Babyboomers vote to keep said system from reemerging.
    Babyboomers call everyone lazy and entitled for struggling because of the lack of said system.
    Babyboomers will die eventually and society can finally move forwards.

  6. Yep they are a problem they always whine about medicare, social security etc. but could care less about their kids standard of living. Funny they say mellinial's are entitled but they are the one's that demand everything be handed too them. Just sucks they're the largest voting block

  7. The Silent and Greatest Generation didn't want their kids to suffer the way they did during the depression, but it had the effect in that is made their kids unappreciative of what they had. There was also a segment of the population that was abusive to their kids and spouses and this created its own problems. Alcoholism and drug abuse was a big issue, but it wasn't as apparent as it is today. Many housewives had these issues and it had an effect on their children. Feminism and making it easier to divorce left many Gen Xers and younger Boomers to raise themselves. It was apparent when crime was at a record high in the early 90s and much of it was from young people that the Boomers failed their children. We had neighborhoods destroyed by forced diversity, a lack of the nuclear family, addiction , crime, violence and much more. While the 50s had many problem, the alternative the Boomers pushed for was worst. Baby Boomers took advantage of the system their parents created and ran it into the ground. Now the younger generation is left to deal with it while they demand their government check for being old.