Are You A Jewish Baby Boomer Looking For A Date? Try Looking Online!


It’s hard to believe that some of us are out in the wild world of dating in the time of our lives called the “golden years.” This is the time in our lives when we thought we’d be shaking popcorn over a crackling fire in the winter and laughing on the beach with our grandchildren in the summer. What a shock to find ourselves alone at home so much of the time.

Thinking back to our teenage years, dating wasn’t always fun and easy then, and it’s not always fun and easy now that we’re seniors again! But we can take a good look at ourselves, and consider our genuine desires and our real life circumstances while we’re also taking a look around and noticing that we are not really alone. If we do that, we are going to notice that a lot of other baby boomers are also out there looking for someone to date.

Where should a person look for someone to date? Who should we look for? It all comes back to looking in the mirror, really. We simply cannot know where to look for a date until we know who we’re looking for, and we can’t know who we’re looking for until we know who we are. We have to look at that person in the mirror long enough and hard enough until we really know ourselves. Knowing who we are and what works for us in life is the only way to discover the truth: what works in our life will work for us in dating, and what doesn’t work in our life will not work for us in dating. It’s simple and it’s true.

Here’s a good example, the all-important subject of smoking. I don’t smoke so I don’t date smokers, although I’ve dated a couple smokers by accident because they lied on their profiles. But I didn’t enjoy being around the smoke and had to stop dating them because smoking just doesn’t work for me. Any baby boomer who is still a smoker is very likely to remain a smoker.

Another example is religion. Although I’m Jewish I’ve dated men of various religions, not discriminating against anyone’s choice of religion. But I discovered that dating Jewish men is enjoyable for me and so I’ve visited a variety of internet dating sites and discovered that there are more Jewish men on Jewish dating sites. And some sites are better than others because they have more Jewish baby boomers than others. Of course, besides Jewish dating sites I can also look in Jewish places of worship, Jewish community centers, and go to Jewish events. But looking for Jewish men to date is actually easier online because you can search by age, location and other preferences such as smoking and non-smoking. Turns out, you often know more about a person you “meet” online than a person you meet in person these days if you’ve read their profile, emailed back and forth a few times and talked to them on the phone.

The best place to look for Jewish baby boomer men these days is a reputable Jewish dating website. Here’s a good one to try if you’re interested

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