Baby-Boomer Age Category Primarily Behind 5G Roll-Out! : A Fact!


This is a Investor Show Case of Baby-Boomers investing in this New Technology , Targeting Our Young People! The Majority of People PUSHING , PROMOTING & PROFITING from this 5th Generation Technology are Mostly Baby-Boomer’s! A FACT! They are also Running ALL Top Positions in America & the World actually ( This age category). Rothschild.s & Baby-Boomer’s & GREED are the Main Push behind this 5G Nightmare!
Your Not the Only Baby-Boomer on this Planet! I’m Not referring to You!

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  1. Why does one think that, from day-1 (1978), apple logo invented by S. Jobs, was apple-minus-bite. No one notices ‘anything in full-view’. They must ‘tell us’, before …….. US”! Clever ILL-rule. S j A Satanist-Pedo… Alone?: W H G 3 / W E B /…

  2. It is about time the wickedness of the greedy, blood sucking baby boomer generation was exposed for what they are. I am on the cusp of that generation and have been speaking out about their psychotic behaviors for 25 years! I am not exaggerating when I say that I have sat in a room with more than one of them bragging about how they are proud of taking over the world with their money and investments, whilst declaring how much they hate the younger people. They literally laughed at the suffering of the later generations not having the benefits they did. These people are not sane. I have seen them act in hysterical and frightening ways when they don't get their way. And yes, they are OLD with grey hair and wrinkles. You would never know they had a soul or a heart for that matter if you saw how little they care about anyone but themselves. I have witnessed this for so long now and your video was freeing and felt good to watch. Thanks for noticing that these folks have been programmed to destroy everyone under them. And like you said, there are some boomers out there that see this and for some reason did not take the bait and become like them. The boomers will be discarded just like everyone else when they finish doing what the evil one got them to do. Sad, sad, sad….

  3. All of humanity is the same – crucify ing Christ is a metaphor for killing independent thought that points out the difference between God/Absolute Truth and a falsehood – in order for absolute truth to exist AN ANOINTED ONE MUST EXIST – aka JESUS CHRIST a title not a person – hence all people are sinners unless you can prove otherwise.

  4. I cannot talk to anyone, they're closed minded and bigoted and refuse to question or have a conversation on anything but i'm sure they have their OPINIONS – WHICH IS SUBJECTIVE NOT OBJECTIVE – OBJECTIVITY CAN ONLY BE TRULY REACHED IF YOU CAN SPEAK TO THE SPIRITUAL WORLD AND THEY TALK BACK TO YOU – USING NUMBERS AND EVENTS AND OTHER COVERT AND NEFARIOUS METHODS

  5. When it began my female doctor was 31 when she began her goal of humiliating me by seducing me today is 8 yrs to the day – she began her odyessey – i decided to turn her in to the human resources office – they received that letter today – i could go on about numbers and events – but this is talking with the gods

  6. I think I am a bridge – (from Boomer to GenX). My husband is a Boomer! And yes, we see things very differently in regards to technology. We BOTH work in Tech. GenX is pretty discouraged – (as all we see and touch, ends). We quietly sweep up after the Boomers, and we have no pensions (retirement) – and have basically given up. I looked up kids from my High School graduating class, (and about 1/4 of us?) – Dead already! From "accidents," over work, suicide, drugs. My husband age? They are inheriting funds from their very elderly parents. GenX "parents" – pretty dysfunctional. I guess my parents are "boomers" as they were teenagers when I was born. My mother is in a cult, and my father "inherited" lots of money – that he tells me I will never see (lol) – I honestly don't care – it's good he has funds for his (much younger) wife – and for himself. GenX will have NO disposable income! They haven't factored that into the equation.

  7. they are culture creators.. please do some extended research on culture creation and it will all dawn on you. the word culture was originally derived from the root word cult in culture. it's got nothing to do with the babyboomer generation. this is an age old technique and I mean ages old extensively used by occultists, I can know because I am a anti satanist, I was born into these satanic environments and I grew up with it. it is the occulted science of luring large crowds of ignorant dumb stupid consumer peoples ready to invest in all the wrong things, then build their technocratic culture around that like a fortress type of thing where you can't get out and have them slaves all be hooked on these techno systems for life, to bring in all that precious money $$$ and make damn sure they can never leave that culted system of systemic abuse and mental torture. that's how it works.. the whole thing depends on total control say again total control of the slave consumers. making sure once they all in, they can never leave. it's a techno cult. see? religions, apple, phones, the political diatribe of two party systems, 5g wifi systems, governments, movements, ideologies, corporations, financial systems etc etc. the list is long and goes on for weeks on end, but it's all the same beast just goes by many different names.

  8. My God this digital plastic crap they peddel turns our children into mindless helpless automatons that can't do anything for themselves. We've lost connection to mother earth and God. Give me a shack in the woods with fireplace and a garden that I till. Give me friends that look me in the eye and shake me hand firmly, Give me community of real capable people. Lay down our techno bullshit once in a while, It might be nice. Thanks, Gary D.

  9. I hate how hectic life is and the fact that GREED has ruined the planet and ruined the minds of the people in it. Most people are complete zombies, trying to be how the advertisements (including pop culture, rappers, celebrities, actors – those are all lifestyle advertisers) have hypnotized them to want to be. We are in a Sick, sick period of culture. Im not saying that everything was perfect before we had electricity. The problem is the individual. The greedy at the top. The insecure consumers at the bottom. I swear 1 in 1,000 people is actually worth talking to. Most are too afraid to talk about anything beside material objects and "news" because news is a pre-approved thing to talk about. Small talk, small minds.