Baby Boomer French Nails | Ombre French Tip Design Technique regular Polish


Hello! PLEASE read if you are struggling.
I used: Regular French polish (2 coats) White polish and a sponge I can rip and reuse.
That is ALL. No gel, No powders, nothing. My topcoat is a regular topcoat.
*I can use heavier sponges for ANOTHER effect.
*I can use a brush for ANOTHER effect.
*I can use dry brush methods of creating this.
*I can use acrylic paint and cap with regular polish
(fastest for me, but I am doing this as a request.)
*I can drag marble this effect.
The amount of different ways is unlimited
—and yet…..this perfect airbrushed look that uses costly materials is being sold everywhere (and its in EVERY dollar store). DON’T WASTE TIME TRYING TO CREATE DOLLAR STORE NAILS!!! It will make you give up! Learn to take this design that has been a MUST HAVE for 35 years and run with it!! Mix it up and make YOUR style that slays the dollar store look.
Please hear me….THE MORE PERFECT, the more TIME it takes. You will give up and YOU NEVER WIN. I have worked with countless people to quit because they were too slow chasing perfection.
So…I am dropping this video today and I am adding to it in a few days so stay tuned for what I do to this perfectly imperfect french manicure that I did on purpose *wink*.

Be kind to yourselves.
A flawless french manicure takes time to perfect and even though I can do them, I prefer not to. Its available at goodwill in the 50% off bin. I get lots of requests for this and I didn’t exactly know why since it seems like I see TONS of videos with this flawless look everywhere? So, I just did it my way and I hope I have helped a little. I love you guys! #nails #nailart #babyboomerfrench #frenchtipsforbeginners #frenchmanicure

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

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  1. Ms. Robin you have done it again!!!!! (This is Luv4agape) I have all my nurses watching you….
    My 16 yr old niece is obsessed with you and your channel…. Love this method of french tips, and gorgeous as usual… You are the Youtube Nail OG, ?? and also the true Queen & Wizard Of Nail Art!!! Please don't ever stop doing what you do, and being the remarkable woman that you are!!! Just thankyou for being you!!!!!?


  2. I only do my own nails. I tell people this is what my mid-life crisis looks like. I bought a ridiculous amount of nail polish, and started painting my nails, as an artistic outlet. As mid-life crises go, it could have been much worse. LOL. People always ask why I don't do nails for money. I am so very slow, I would starve to death. 😉

    Sometimes, as a special needs mom, I get really stressed out. When life gets a bit overwhelming, I sit and watch you do nail art. You, my dear, are my substitute for anti anxiety meds. 😉

    Thanks for continuing to share yourself with us. I know it hasn't always been easy to do so.