Baby Boomer Professors Reap What They Sow


Cappy finds a video highly entertaining as a leftist professor and Berkeley students suffer the consequences of their leftist politics.

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  1. Is any one surprised at what is going on with these pussy baby boomers, accept of course the Vietnam veterans who didn't run away and were our heroes. These feel good cock suckers thought they would give the world a coke and a smile but my generation (x) thought they were full of themselves. They were going to chance the world. Dumb assholes. Now the shit they brain washed is turning on them. I have no sympathies for these free love LSD morons. My teachers back in the 70's and 80's were bad ass. There wasn't one dude who didn't fight in WW2. One of my teachers was a Marine in the Pacific. The tales these men told us made us feel proud of them. The females teachers worked in the war production plants when they were just 18 or 19. When they retired and began to die the baby boomers stepped right in and push their communist agenda in the classroom.

  2. I would rather hire an ex-con just out of prison than to hire a modern day liberal arts college graduate. At least with the ex-con there is a chance that he or she would be very appreciative of the opportunity I gave them to work and to turn their life around than some lazy entitled liberal arts graduate who thinks the world owes them just because.

  3. It's ironic really. The primitive brain response to public service workers is to vote for their own salaries, and there they are, they have an opportunity to spit out more socialists. Not realizing that professors should be spitting out entrepreneurs like their future pension depended on it.
    Oh well

  4. I go to berkeley :(. It’s really hard academically, and is a college. Aren’t all colleges babysitting for non adults? I guess I’ve only gone here so not sure… but yeah it’s very liberal. It’s really just the best college I got into.

    I was homeless and am not at all rich. These kids probably may have been wealthy.

    I like these videos to provide an alternative viewpoint to the liberal one I receive constantly. Also I’m originally from Minnesota so the local references are fun.

  5. China has abandoned the key tenets of Marxism, and the Central Committee of the Communist Party is now the new collective "Emperor of China," like the legend of the Roman Senate cutting the purple robe of the last king Tarquinius Superbus into strips and placing them on the togas of the senators, to symbolize the transfer of sovereignty.