Baby Boomer Tiny House


It’s one of the great tiny house debates and with some people…qualms. “Do I have to climb a ladders of stairs to get to bed” which isn’t ideal for lots of folks or “I want my sleeping area downstairs which eats into precious floor space. But what about a bed that lowers when needed and raises back out of the way when not? The Painted Home helps solve that problem with an electric bed that rises and lowers to the occasion.

Built by The Painted House Co:


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  1. Beautiful house but in the bathroom you need to have dowels on each shelf to keep things from falling out when you're traveling or even if you don't travel and where would you put the induction oven you don't have a spot for it so is that going to be difficult for one to find a place to put it

  2. Absolutely love this tiny home because of the bed and the cosy nook it creates when raised. I've always loved the idea of tiny home living but the lofts worried me in case I needed an ambulance and they couldn't get me down or treat me in a confined space or even that age would eventually mean I'd have to give it up because I couldn't use the loft. This brings the dream back to life 😊👍🏼

  3. Really nice materials inside. I liked the bathroom and the kitchen counter wood. The adjustable bed is a nifty idea that I've seen more tiny home owners use, but I think this video did a good job of capturing how dark the area below the raised bed might look. Assuming that can be fixed with more lighting without being too awkward, though. Thanks for sharing.