Baby Boomers: A Saga For A Generation Vol. I


Hey guys! Thank you so much for checking out our newest series. This is Volume I, where we will be paralleling the Baby Boomer Generation with the Original Trilogy, as well as touch on the surrounding generations. As always, LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, AND SUBSCRIBE! Enjoy! ❤⚔?

Hello Greedo just posted a video on Vietnam and Star Wars! It focuses on Lucas’s journey in creating Star Wars. Go check it out if you haven’t already!


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All photos that are attributed come from Wiki Commons. Those which are legally unattributed come from Pixabay. 

Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy, 2004 documentary film directed by Kevin Burns and narrated by Robert Clotworthy

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“Journeyman” by Aakash Gandhi


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  1. Well dang you knocked it out of the park again with that intro. But it’s quite a change of pace we’re going here that’s different from our usual podcast this is getting very personal and historic. I feel like I’m back in school hi teacher. And it’s also kind of ironic that at the same time before watching this video I was also watching Hello Greedo's latest video about Star Wars and Vietnam war and the influences that George Lucas had before he released Star Wars I highly recommend you all go watch it, since today it looks like we're going back in time with some history lessons and taking a break from English class. [ Cue the school bell]

  2. All right and now it's time to rant about…something from Hurricane Miranda…… "Suck it up, take it like a man"/Attitude" [Silence]….And that right there, that right there is just enough to sabotage and destroy one's self-esteem especially for a man. Nothing speaks of reverse sexism and society silently applauding that then telling men who have gone through the ringer, lived and breathed hell on earth and dodged a number of bullets in a literal war zone and more than likely will never be the same afterwards….you know nothing is more discouraging then telling a person including a man who has faced terror and death practically 100 times a day and was close to it every time there has got to be nothing more cruel and painfully heartbreaking them for them to be told…to wise up and be a man. Well if guns and knives and poison aren't enough to feel pain then words like that…run deeper than any blade or bullet can ever do. Hmmm that sounds familiar we got a specific character…who was told very early on not to be afraid or have fear or it will lead to the dark side and be told to let go of that two movies later in another trilogy and was told he would be a threat or a danger later on and ended up becoming that and becoming the most powerful villain in cinema history. Who was that….Anakin Skywalker or other known as Darth Vader? Or yeah well it also seems like his son Luke Skywalker was put up a pedestal for years including in the EU but then 30 years later we get a guy the same guy that has gone from idolizing the Jedi to being rightfully pissed off at them and is filled with regrets and doesn't see the point in wanting to be the hero again…. and somehow he should have been like Gandalf the White by the middle of the second Lord of the Rings movie but in Episode 8 of Star Wars is a grumpy old hermit even though he rightfully is frustrated with the Jedi and their narrow minded, zealous views…and yet parts of Youtube still don't get why he is so pissed off and call him whiny. Hmmmm. Then last but not least we got our Kylo Ren….I mean Ben Solo….he never meant to be evil and even his own mother didn't sense that but only two people believe he should be Supreme Leader Snoke and… of the fandom that are crying crocodile tears [Including a new recent G&G video that is ranting over a fake rumor about Kylo maybe becoming Vader after all I presume and was freaking out again for the 5th time on the same day] OHHH because….he's not meeting their expectations of what a character he according to them "IS SUPPOSED TO BE" and is called a pussy, a brat, whiny, Gothic emo you know what and……A monster even as a kid……. Well…it's all thanks to society for declaring these rules for MEN and what they are supposed to be and how they should deal with pain and grief instead of being encouraged to go to therapy or encourage emotional support and allow them to cry we wonder why we're in this weird gender war this battle of the sexes with men and women one being raised up and the other down or we got two extremes of both sides and we also wonder why a lot of men out there end up feeling like Anakin, OR old Luke Skywalker Or even Ben Solo that turned int Kylo Ren later on because….. Well….. Let….that…..sink………IN. [Mic drop]

  3. "Star Wars is the product of the time." Um..yeah it just about sums up everything that to this day still spells relevancy for this saga whether you were there from the beginning or a little later if you're a 90's baby or to those that are a little younger out there you're only just getting started, as in thanks to the rest of us or because of us you know that "Star Wars" exists and it has a history and as we speak right now even though it's still too soon to gather up everything that has come about the last few years someday in another decade we will have more to reflect on. And even though and let's just address this elephant in the room even though we don't want to talk about it but we have to…it is not shocking or surprising that somewhere in these last few years especially the last 20 plus months…we've lost the fandom. Parts of the fandom and I think it's a little more than just a tiny minority of loud , angry voices calling for Lucasfilm to decanonize The Last Jedi or for Kennedy to get the heck out of the studio and replace with Dave Filoni or even the other crowd that….believes Rey is better off spending the rest of her life alone. [ F*** that was painful to type/Deep breaths] The other side of dismay coming from the fandom the even louder voices from there are actually…the most silent and actually the most level headed group but they are taking their protest in the form of……quietly walking away and not contributing or supporting it because…they are in mourning. There's something that Disney has done that doesn't feel right, it feels all over the place and somewhat directionless, they think to themselves "where is this all going I can't get on board with where it is currently because it doesn't make sense" And because other fans believe it or not have push them away and excluded them and even unfortunately the powers that be a bunch of random employees grown ass professional adults at Lucas film…[Takes a deep breath] have also behaved and acted like a bunch of jerks as well. And because of that it's turning them off and they don't feel included in the star wars fandom anymore and have valid reasons on why they are very upset with the way things are. This is not the ….. trolls running amok on Youtube including the overly, misogynist, sexist anti-Reylos or anti-bendemption- clan [both men and women] we deal with on a daily.

    No this side of fandom I'm referring to that is suffering a huge huge loss and are in pain are what you said in another video months ago…these are just normal people in the fandom not trolling the internet or spewing hate but are just….sad…disappointed and can't get on board with the sequel trilogy. So therefore and this was a hum dinger of a tangent I went into uh…we've lost pieces of the fandom along this journey and it will take a lot of time for them to heal [ Certain Tweets from actors and interviews do not help them heal] and it's just been a sad thing to see I can't pretend that we didn't have problems because we did. We've had struggles and tribulations but…aside from that we still had growth in the Star Wars fandom and I think overtime it will continue to grow and things could be in a better place then they are right now but either way Star Wars is still timeless and it remains to be…immortal.

  4. Call me a hopeless optimist if you want, however I think that we're on the cusp of a new age of hope. Like you mentioned about pop culture reflecting the real world so far this year Avengers Endgame showed how the dark the world can be but also that if we persevere and never give up hope we can make a brighter future. Hopefully it's not the only hopeful endgame ending that we get from Disney this year. Can't wait for the rest of this series.

  5. I’m trying to remember if you guys did some Eriksonian stages of development podcasts. I’ve been definitely interested in how Luke in TLJ seems to be in the Integrity vs Despair stage where, interestingly, it parallels where the current baby boomer generation is in.

  6. Well I have to say I think after viewing this video I think it's easy to understand why the original trilogy is so beloved and that for many this is very superior to the other trilogies and why they have such a huge attachment to it. You can't compare the OT to PT or ST. It's the one that started it all and it's the one that has stayed in many people's hearts and it's hard to have anything that can be superior to that. So I get it, it's the one. No one can replace Han, Luke or Leia. Mark Hamill, you're right….missed opportunity to have all of you guys together one last time and it never happened…I understand…and….I forgive you for that. It would have been great but we'll never see the old gang all together again it happened in 1983……But however if Daisy Ridley is correct about this "satisfying" ending that is upon than you know what….it doesn't have to be a complete bummer after all if all the signs are true and that's the path we're heading for rise of skywalker

  7. Beautifully done Ladies??????? Love what you said about the Baby Boomers and the OT. To this day my favorite Leia scene is when Han and Luke botch her rescue in ANH, and are stuck in the corridor with no way out. Leia is like "Do you have a plan for getting out?" Han gestures to Luke and says "He's the brains, sweetheart." Leia's just like "all right, that's it", grabs Luke's blaster and handles things herself.
    Han: What the hell are you doing?
    Leia: Somebody has to save our skin.
    That gets me every time ??? Carrie Fisher was the best.

  8. Kylo Ren really reflects the distrust of the family and any authority figure, the breakdown of the family unit, resulting in the up and down emotion many kids have these days because their emotional needs are not being met. Some families aren’t present with their kids in a lot of different ways and often distrust their own kids, which brings about rebellion. Not to get too preachy, but many families aren’t putting down boundaries. There are a lot of angry young adults too, stemming from many of the same problems. We can see this in the news, how kids are deflecting their anger on school mates, or young adults on strangers. Hope that makes sense. I think that’s why many young people can relate to Kylo Ren. Rey, on the other hand, reflects how a person doesn’t have to spew their anger on the world. A flawed person can be kind, generous, giving… a hero. It’s wonderful seeing the contrast between the two protagonist. It’s why Kylo can’t turn gray, but only become a selfless hero and reflect the light he was born with. It gives HOPE to the flawed everywhere. It can’t end in tragedy.

  9. Thank you Supreme Leader Kylo Ren for your most pertinent information. Yes, the Girls ❤️ they rip my heart out with their "feels". There's my heart roaming around for awhile not knowing what to do with itself, while my brain slowly absorbs the information this calms my heart, which is then overcome with a complete feeling of peace at which my heart goes back to the place from whence it came, my chest. ? Now most Supreme Leader, forgive and excuse me while I go and LMAO ? ?❤️ (that voice!) Thank you your Most Supreme Highness! Peace, Love and Reylo always and forever ?? ?? I might add: We're at our grimmest and darkest days again because of the upheaval in the world and what reappears is Star Wars. There's always Hope for a better future, Hope Peace and Love.??❤️❤️ This too is a reflection of my heart and soul and has been for many long years. Never give up! ??❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️????

  10. Great video ? I think one of the most interesting things about George Lucas himself as a baby boomer was what appears to have been his relationship with his father’s generation. The generation prior to the baby boomers was that of the WWII, survivors, traumatised men, “manly” men. Their children, the baby boomers, had no memory of the war and did not connect with the values of their fathers… I feel the dynamic between Luke and Vader reflects this somehow.

  11. I'm pretty sure I read that Hamill said somewhere that to get into character for TLJ, he had to come to terms with the Baby Boomer generation's history… that they thought they were going to be the ones to finally end war and create everlasting peace, but then they came into power and only ended up screwing things up to an even worse state. The ST story decisions that show our heroes' past sacrifices and victories did not result in peace for all time reflects the harsh reality of the times. So, I think this is an apt comparison, great job 🙂

  12. On such a positive channel I hate to make a negative comment but from what I’ve seen MOST of the criticism of the ST comes from butthurt fanboys of the PT (the loud minority’s who love to mess with things like the RT audience score of TLJ ) now this isn’t to say there wasn’t a divide period – it was designed to be a divisive movie and that’s fine —and the people who didn’t love it are perfectly valid to do so – I’m speaking of the toxic people