Baby Boomers and Politicians


George Carlin talks about the “me” generation and where politicians come from…are we seeing the link here, folks? (Bonus message for Obama and company at the end)

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  1. Speaking of Obama, his mom would qualify for the selfish Baby Boomer. Screwed around had (Barack) out of wedlock. Then left him and his half sister while she traveled the world for her degree while his grandparents raised him. She was NEVER there for him and he later on in high school did the pot and some drugs experimentation. At least college and being out on his own grew him up to the person he is today. His mother was never ever there for him as a child including his POS father.

  2. I walk all over baby boomers now that I see them for what they are, and they know it. Once they see a leader they come crying to your shoulder instead of trying to boss you around.

    One thing you should not do when coming in contact with a boomer: bow. Instead, rise. And watch how their deep securities shift into deep insecurities.

    Respect your elders you say? Sure, if you tell me where they are..

  3. Carlin would be still be an elder I respect today if he was alive. And anyone here thinking Carlin was a boomer. No he wasn't. He was the motherfucker lookin down to the next generation in his day. I wish he could have been my father. I'm a Gen Xer btw. Funny how much in commmon he has with our generation.

  4. Thank you. You said it best. Carlin is right!!!! Signed a Gen-Xer with two college degrees and eight years of active duty military service in the Army and trying to struggle in the world where my generation is still in the shadow of the boomers. History won't remember this generation with kindness.

  5. My experience with boomers, i.e. parents, was their condemnation of the generation born in the late 70s to the early 90s, the 20-30 somethings. And they say we are having it too easy compared to them because of all the 'computer tech'. We are competing on a global level, we face a volatile, uncertain future, and we understand that every generation has its own shit to handle, like WW2's generation. We have our own shit to handle, so stop fucking with ours. What's left for us to do is to treat the generation after us with more respect.

  6. George Carlin's Generation had it the hardest. They grew up during the Great Depression and WW2. They had the toughest time. i find that this generation people born between the 1920's and 1930's in there 80's and 90's now are the most understanding, caring and some of the wisest people i have met.

  7. These baby boomer scumbags outsourced my future even before I graduated high school.  When I graduated college in the 90s these scumbags told us we would have to deal with it and shut up about it.  Even today when a huge market crash is guaranteed they could give a damn that they caused the shit we are living in.   

  8. Its the baby boomer politicians that send brainwashed 18 year olds to fight and die under a false pretense (Iraq, Afghanistn). College is astronomically expensive. A limping economy. Lack of jobs due to outsourcing……but hey, GenX and millenials are lazy right? Fuck baby boomers, their time is over??