Baby Boomers and “The Greatest Generation” destroyed America


Oh because your generation never had their abundance of stupid people. You would have never used a smartphone in your youth if they existed because you’re so much better than us. We are cleaning up the mess you made and we’re not bitching about it half as much as you bitch about shit that doesn’t even matter, and nothing is more annoying than a seventy-year-old politician telling the American public “people who smoke marijuana are bad people and that good people don’t smoke marijuana” as if a politician would have any idea what a good person looks like!

Recorded on Apr 3, 2017

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  1. Yes you are absolutely right about BABYBOOMERS Unfortunately I was born in 1949. I never been able to associate with no one of my generations. I have NOT had a friend of my generation for the last 40 years. Yes they are the most highly hypocrits. It is sad. You did a good job expressing my sentiments for the last 50 yrs. You n I would get along fine. They called me crazy

  2. I LOVE YOU HARLAN! YOU ARE MY SPIRIT ANIMAL! Every time I watch your videos, I just get the same feelings that you express that I can't show to my parents or anyone. You're probably the most transparent and real youtuber out there. I hope that you keep doing what youre doing 😀