Baby Boomers and Their Legacy of Spilled Popcorn


A baby boomer throws someone in prison because he doesn’t know what is a recovery disk and it makes me a rage.

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  1. Boomers were the original "me-first, consequences be damned" generation. Now in their twilight, so many harbor bitterness and contempt for the dysfunctional screwups they became, and rai$ed by outsourcing childcare. That is their legacy. And WOW are they fat af, it's obscene.

  2. Boomers are the generation that is just too lazy period.
    They just let gerrymandering be a thing, they let our government turn into an Oligarchy and did nothing about it. They bought up a ton of land and either sold it to the government, ruined it, did nothing with it, or skyrocketed the prices. Their generation had jobs and everything handed to them to the point that a high school degree they could have a house and support a full family with an entry level job. They never fought in a real war, aside from the people who actually went to Vietnam most of them didn't go and they pretend they were on the front lines. They destroy the earth without a care and think it's just the next generation's problem to fix. They refuse to learn ANYTHING at all because their ego is so high. Yet they will call every generation after them the lazy and it's fucking baffling.
    My boss is a boomer, he owns a ranch where he had all the land handed to him and it's a fuckton of land, he served in the army as a provisions officer which means he never left the states and sat at a desk most of the day but he will say any soldier suffering from PTSD is just being a baby, a man who never had to shoot someone in his life but brags he will. Has all this land, all this cattle, all this money handed to him and he does jack-fuck with it, him and his shitty family spends over 10 million and are just scraping by. I'm literally the only reason he can have his cattle worked anymore and whose actually doing something about the dumpsterfire his millions worth of land to make it useful. We've had heavy rains which flooded one of the massive fields which could have been avoided if the ditch boxes were fixed and the flood channel was unblocked so it'd drain in the desert a few miles away. Well this year we had heavy rain again and it's flooded a-fucking-gain after I offered to do all the work which he refused saying he would do it. $500,000 minimum worth of alfalfa hay down the drain because he was such a lazy and prideful fuck not to let me fucking do it and ending up not doing it himfuckingself because he's a fucktard boomer. He doesn't believe climate change is real when it's staring at him in the face, the doesn't think oil spills are a problem, he's the most racist person I've heard in my life and will drop the n-bomb without provocation. They all need to die off and you're god damn right they band together to make the next generation's lives fucking worse, even if it's for fun. I'm working my ass through college and this guy brags about how cheap his education was and how he could buy all these cars back then. It pisses me off to no end some of the shit that comes out of his mouth. Speaking of mouth, and this attributes to the insanity of boomers and how they think they're right about everything: He pulled all of his teeth to get dentures because he thought he'd die from the chemicals dentists use for fillings. Like what the actual fuck kind of logic is that?

  3. I've been saying for years the best thing that could happen to an old person is to be in a position where the only way they can obtain shit is through a computer, (food, heat, insulin, etc.), just so they will finally have to shut their fucking mouths, sit down, actually listen, and learn how to use one. The 'tough love' that your parents perpetrated onto you to get you to learn some basic shit, now needs to be done back to them.

    When I was teaching my Dad how to use a computer I initially got that same fucking rote and downright mentally lazy bullshit. I pointed out that if he were trying to teach me how to drive a car, and I mentally switched off, then said, "I just can't understand this clutch thing", and just gave up right there, he would have slapped me so hard I'd need dental reconstruction. But that's exactly what I'd need, and that's exactly what they need now. We're just too reticent to do it to our parents, and they're too convinced "computers are too complicated" and rather arrogantly wont assume the role of student instead of teacher again.

    I also like to point out that human beings have been trying to build computers since day dot. We've long understood many of the underlying concepts, it's just always been near-impossible with steam power and sprockets. Even so the transistor was invented in 1926 before these fucks were even born, and binary computers in World War fucking Two. It should actually be harder for a kid to learn computers since they didn't live through the development of the technology, so they getting handed a 50 gajigabyte device with the latest operating system and don't know the first fucking thing about it. They can't even compare the Internet to Morse Code.

    Though as I've long pointed out, nerds everywhere have been working tirelessly for decades to make these fucking things simpler and simpler to use. Now that we have touch screens with symbolic icons that have reduced the interface difficulty to the level of fucking fingerpainting I think it's high time for these old fucks to stop their goddamed whining.

  4. The comments about Pro Tools implementation really hit home.

    Both of the people who trained me in how to use the software were Boomers, but by god were they the rare fucking exception to the rule. They were both of the mindset that people who were stuck in the '70s were ignorant idiots.

  5. i was stuck in a check out line yesterday with some old bat who couldn't figure out how to use a god damn debit card!? How in the fuck do they not know this shit? Have they never shopped before and seen everyone else in the last 40 years use one?

  6. I'm at the last bit of electronics tech school and the of course teachers are all boomers.(all the useful people actually work in the industry)
    If we didn't do out own coding learning, we would have to take classes in BASICSTAMP.

    when learning the field that moves the fastest, they are stuck with a board from the early 90's using a language from the mid 60's.
    go take a course and update the curriculum every decade or so? "nah, the requirements are specified as (microprocessors), we can teach that useless shit we've always taught"
    do they feel stupid and outdated when we take a net course in ARM32 all on our own? probably not.

    its all half-ass and caters specifically to the electricians.
    the guys who are only there to check a box on their CV, not actually learn anything.

    I've learned more doing my own projects while in school these last 2 years, thank the lord I'm done in 6 weeks.