Baby Boomers Are a Unique Group of Individuals – Will They Plan For Successful Aging at Home?


Baby boomers are unique in their beliefs and characteristics. Boomers are very different from past generations. This uniqueness affects every aspect of life; beliefs about themselves, their career, home, and leisure time. Baby boomers plan to successfully age at home. Boomers are a very individualistic generation. Boomers have lived a very hectic lifestyle, and their leisure time is often interrupted by the many demands of life.

Boomers plan to age gracefully. Just as every generation before them, many of the aging boomers will be diagnosed with chronic medical conditions and will face their own mortality. Boomers will try very hard to stop or control the aging process through exercise, anti aging treatments and investigate alternative health treatments more than previous generations.

Many characteristics of baby boomers will allow them to successfully age at home. Boomers are the generation that is responsible for many of the advancement in today’s medical technology. Successful aging will be achieved as many will benefit from these advancements. Boomers are more health conscious, more physically active and more aware of healthy eating habits. As they try to age gracefully, many are now taking the necessary steps to improve their health. They are considered to be more active and are expected to live longer than previous generations.

Baby boomers are a generation that has sought fulfillment with self-help programs and community activities. Successful aging promotes the boomer to be socially, mentally and physically active. Boomers spend a lot of time volunteering and assisting to make their communities a better place to live. Boomers expect to age gracefully in their homes and remain in their communities to volunteer and financially support their favorite community group.

Baby boomers are comfortable with using computers and enjoy high tech products. Boomers will be open to technologies that will promote successful aging at home. They will also be open to technology that will be entertaining and fun. Wii’s are presently being used at home to promote fitness, exercise and balance. As the baby boomers begin to age gracefully, they will make demands for more products such as these, to assure activity and entertainment in their home.

They are an individualistic group, and are a generation that has rejected authority. This attitude toward authority figures has affected the aging boomer’s retirement. Many boomers have retired from jobs or have been downsized and experienced age discrimination due to an aging workforce. Boomers have taken their experience and developed a new level of an aging workforce. Boomers have started second careers and new business to stay active and productive as they age gracefully. The aging workforce is redefining retirement and how other generations perceive successful aging.

Boomers plan for successful aging at home as they come to face the aging experience through their parents. As much as boomers would like to ignore the fact that physical and mental changes occur during the aging process, they are dealing with facing their parents mortality. Boomers are faced with becoming caregivers of their children and their parents. Baby boomers are beginning to realize that they will have these experiences as they age and are now exploring avenues to successfully age at home.

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