Baby Boomers Are In TROUBLE As CRASH Approaches! – Pensions Are NOT Safe!


Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the coming crash and how it affects baby boomers especially.
Baby boomers spend more into the economy than any other category and also unfortunately hold a lot of debt. On top of that are the countless dangers that face pensions across the board. The pension shortfall going forward is massive and many baby boomers will not get their pensions and have already lost much of it. Also, many baby boomers have not prepared for their own futures all while many others are caring for their kids and grandchildren via student loans.
As this problem worsens and we see the everything bubble come closer to popping worldwide, individuals needs to start standing up and protecting themselves. Individuals need to start protecting their purchasing power and saving for their futures outside of the banks or government. People need to be self sustainable and financially responsible.
If you don’t understand money, you are not going to do well down the road.
In this video John breaks down the many reasons baby boomers need to watch out for what’s ahead and what they can do to ensure that they’ve insured their wealth and protected their wallets.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this issue closely!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  2. people act like if one part of the system goes somehow they think they are safe if they arent in that particular part of it, like pensions, if pensions are not safe why would anyone else be safe when pensions make up so much of our stock and bond market, these are the people buying you products and services, renting your houses etc.. we are all connected people, no one is safe from having their shit and lifestyle taken

  3. Baby Boomer's aborted 25% of the Gen X generation, and when they realized that Gen X wouldn't be able to fund their retirement, they INCREASED the payroll taxes on Gen X to make up the slack…. The ruthlessness and selfishness of Baby Boomers is stunning and vile. Any of you that doubt these facts, reply and I'll give you the sources which prove these facts are true.

  4. I collect on three different federal pension programs. VA veterans affairs at 100%, FERS federal employee retirement system which is a combo of my military and federal time and another. I am afraid one day the deposits just stop. Lucky I have no debt, PMs and property (farm) and lots of tools and equipments. I have been doing things lately to bring in extra income savings. The great north woods keeps calling! There is nothing keeping me here in the suburbs. I figure my stepson will probably move up with me because his mom is fully in the market and works for an employer that is tied to auto industry and she will probably go broke when shtf. Hey I tried to warn her she just blew me off. You can bring a pumpkin to school but it won’t help you graduate right.

  5. Appreciate your work guys! Government money printing and monumental spending has ultimately brought us to these unprecedented deficits. They (government) intentionally brought us down this road. Why?? What’s their end game? Something BIG is coming. God bless…

  6. Knock on effects: not enough money to retire, boomers go back into the job market, millennials can't find jobs, student loan defaults, pensions collapse, boomers dip into home equity by selling, house prices drop as more homes come onto the market than buyers available, foreign buyers exit the market, home prices fall further, realtors exit the job market, unemployment rises, knock, knock… Who's there?

  7. Thanks guys, LOL – US debt approaching a very large amount. As of today = $67,349 per US Citizen so individual proportion of the US debt is more than the average salary, right?? All that will happen & is already happening in the UK is that the Boomers will just carry on working. The 2011 retirement age legislation very conveniently allowed for this exact situation. I know loads of people here working way past previous retirement age with no intention of ever retiring at all. Clearly this further hinders the employment chances of the younger generations.

  8. China is crashing right now. No idea what will happen in India, but yeah… the dollar will be the last man standing.

    Woke don't mean "blame the white man", woke means you see what is enslaving you. Once you realize the truth, you can escape the fate determined for you by those socialist twits that run things behind the scenes at not only the federal, but state and local levels.

  9. Haven't watched the video because I know you can't grow your food or power your own electronics.
    Gold ? Huy guys open
    Ing the gold mines? Canada loaded. What the fuck are you talking about digital, everyone in the world knows if it's digital it an nt secure. Crypto yet no mentioning casinos.
    Dudes you lose.

    The only way you all can be awesome is by telling the truth