Baby Boomers are Screwed in the Next Recession


To put it simply, there’s even less time for Boomers, and more exposure to the next crash.

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  1. Entitled generations raising 2 more entitled generations. Even my grandparents who were on the cusp of being boomers, had the signs of preferring things easily, most people my age and even older (I'm 28) don't even know how to build a fire and good forbid they work on their own vehicle or do without their daily Starbucks personally a crash would be god for alot of people we would wake up and get back to basics the whining and squabbling over petty nonsense would come to an end and people will start becoming more self reliant.

  2. Come on buddy. Anyone can speculate actually that is all I see the last several years was speculate. I was never speculating
    when I told people Obama was stealing from us. We are in bad shape because of 49,41,42,43,44,
    All those MFers were ripping us off. I was not speculating I knew
    and shame on the people that believed Obummer POS