Baby Boomers Are Seeking "Active" Retirement


Ok, so what is "Active" Retirement? This is not your mother's retirement. According to the US Census Bureau, "in 2006, the oldest of the baby boomers, the generation born between 1946 and 1964, will turn 60 years old." Today, this represents 28 percent of the American population from the Del Webb Survey.

The Baby Boomer Generation tend to retire earlier than 65 years of age and stay busy. Still full of energy, youthful, and creative we still have much life left in us. Yes we want to travel and set our own schedules and enjoy our time, but sedentary life is not the ticket.

Some Baby Boomers are leaving their jobs due to forced retirement in some form or another, early retirement, or because they are "just can not take it (job) anymore."

Many will start their own business and use that as a vehicle to build wealth, express their creativity, expand their minds and stay active. According to the survey, "40 percent of Boomers are not sure if they will have enough money to live comfortably." Therefore many will feel like they have to earn additional income and will choose to do it with a home based business as a solution to income and freedom.

Whatever the reason it's best to plan your retirement. You will not be traveling 24/7. You really can not sleep all day. Consider making some plans:

1. Write down what you want to do.
2. Set some time frames.
3. Develop a realistic budget (weekly, monthly).
4. Do your research. (Which I suspect you are doing now).

If you have not left your job yet, this is the best time to plan. Do not wait until you're retired. If you are already out of your job, it's never too late to plan. Do not get caught in waiting for the "perfect time." The perfect time is always now.

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