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  1. the off spring of the baby boomers will have a wrost lot than us.
    they have been brought up to think that money grows on trees but they will be faced with a reality that makes our earthly time seem like a dream.
    yep we been living a dream they will be the ones paying for it all.

  2. Us BBs azre not all hedonistic fools. Some saw xhat was going to happen and tried to "go back to the land" by raising goats, making cheese, living "green" before "the environment" became an issue.

    I for one never bought into the consumer culture and looked at it all with a jaundiced eye. Having pursued my own dream instead of the one advertised on the medias am reaching old age with satisfaction. I never trusted the state nor the big corporations to take care of me and am vindicated.

  3. As a 55yr old boomer I am most proud of our great president 'BabyDoc' Bush. He liberated Iraq and afghanistan, then he left america with a prosperous economy and a gleaming reputation among nations. And our healthcare is the envy of the world. Congradulations to the boomers. God bless America!

  4. OH YEAH we were and still are and I agree with the lady who commented on the Liberals in Congress and that foreigner in the White House God knows what his real agenda is and just wait til 2012. God Bless our grand children after you Libs get your way. Had enough Change or is it CHAINS yet?
    Boomers Rock, Period!

  5. @austinbidnezman yeah…. The generation the ONLY Generation that is 100% dependent on television and and by doing so killed Journalism and expression of Opinion. The internet brought the real world back. Boomers shall be remembered as the generation the raped America

  6. Baby boomers are a joke. The most sick twisted selfish generation in the history of mankind is the baby boomer generation. Fourteen trillion dollars and counting. Where did he money go? Not infrastructure! Not health care for everybody but rather Med aid for SENIORS as in baby boomers, income splitting for seniors only as in over 48 in most states. Why cant income splitting be for all? Because baby boomers want us to pay for their hubris. Fuck you if your over sixty!

  7. It's like this. The baby boomers passed on a huge debt but we were not handed a clean budget. You forget that this country has literally rebuilt the world after each major war. Did we start those wars? NO! But we literally rebuilt Europe and Japan and WWII!! Was it costly? You had better believe it! And many of the nations that we worked so hard to rebuild and help turned their backs on us! Now we come to baby boomer's children who believe that they should own the latest Apple devices, best cars, and attend 4 year universities. (No junior colleges for them.) No only the best for this bad-mouthing, name-calling, to lazy to get a job generation. Now, go cry on someone else's shoulder about the size of the deficit. Before you do, remember you benefited in some way from that deficit.