Baby Boomers Categories – 2 Subcategories Revealed


Baby boomers is a time in American history that has been defined by the rise in the birth rate. It's a culture of people that have had so much to do with change and the way the United States currently is that the generation will always be remembered in American history.

Baby boomers are usually defined as anyone born between 1946 and 1964, but it is so much more than that. There was a spike in the birth rate for all of those years until it finally leveled out and went back to normal. But there they were 77 million new people in the world. Look what happened before that time. World War II was considered the modern war. Battles were fought on so many fronts and people were dying who were not even close to the battle field.

There was famine and diseases. There was lack of healthcare because doctors and nurses had to give out their care elsewhere. Once the war was over, so much changed. Technology erupted, the healthcare system got better and families were together. The aftermath of WW2 in many countries created a marketplace for foreign companies. Countries that were ravished by the war needed to be rebuilt. They needed food, services and goods for their people.

The American economy grew for the next decade because of the amount of work that needed to be done. There were jobs for people and better money for families. More money allowed families to consider growing, and looking at the numbers that is exactly what they did.

Although baby boomers are a huge category, they are two subcategories for baby boomers. The first categorizes those born between 1946 to 1955. These people were greatly affected by the Vietnam War because anyone born after 1955 was not subject to the draft. This group is defined as free-spirited and indulgent. They are regarded for their individualism and wanting to help social causes.

The other group are those that were born after this time and is called Generation X. The memorable events of this group was not so much Vietnam War, but Watergate, the Cold War and gasoline shortages. This is the group with the mistrust of government. This is the generation that voted for radical change and are generally cynics. However, both of these groups grew up knowing their enemies as communists.

There is a difference in the two groups, which is why it is unfair to define a 20-year period. Even though the birth rate was high during these years, both were affected by different events and have been characterized in different ways.

The current political and social culture of the United States is dominated by baby boomers. Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were the first two presidents born in this generation, both were born in 1946. Many of their beliefs are those of the baby boomer generation. Some were just more deeply characterized in others. It believed that the baby boomer generation will hold Congress until 2015 and the White House until 2021. They will continue to have a say in the advancement of the country for several more years.

Many cultural icons are also part of this generation. They have created movies, music and other entertainment with ideas of the baby boomers. Steve Spielberg created movies with apparent Cold War undertones in his movies and directed movies that showed the horrors and pitfalls of war. He brought about movies that served as more than entertainment but a message of his generation.

Baby boomers are just one generation in American history that have made a difference in the country. They helped gain rights for many different group such as civil rights, women's right and gay rights.

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