Baby Boomers & Catholic School A Source Of Narcissism Pt. 1



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  1. Even though the writer is older then me I can remember the same abuse in the 80s I had my hair pulled and thrown in a corner for giving my friend a pencil she asked to borrow. Teacher told parents I was talking in class. Smh.thank God my mom didn't punish me when I went home. .

  2. I wish more people knew about the abuse of Native Americans in these schools as well. I'm a small percentage myself, but my cousins were on the rolls. On top of the standard abuse, Native children were kidnapped, not allowed to speak their language & humiliated over their race. People wonder why there's so much alcoholism on the Res. This is a huge factor. It happened in Canada & Australia too.

  3. At my Catholic High School, it seemed like everyone knew Father T had a thing for the boys. At the time, we ignorantly looked at it as a bit of a joke and some of the lay-teachers used to tolerate the talk, probably knowing it was true.
    18 years later a couple of former students came forward that they were molested by Father T. Among all the high-schoolers who would have punched him out, he found his victims. I'm sure the church is very sorry. However, I wonder why when these allegations arose more than a decade later, the school got lawyered up? I also wonder why, if they had the students interests in mind, they didn't proactively ask if any other students had been molested so they could help them? It's almost, almost like the Catholic Church is some antiquated business trying to preserve its dwindling money and power.

  4. My school days spanned the 50s and 60s and although I went to public schools (my mother was a JW … man, is that ever an entire other story) I had several friends who went to Catholic schools and the stories they would tell were hair-raising. Grace, your presentation was excellent and certainly offers food for thought in helping to identify, understand and deal with so many horrendous behaviors. Ollie, this is one of your best videos/audios yet.

  5. Great topic!
    The same thing happened in public schools too in the 70’s, there was a teacher that everyone knew paddled the kids, would scream at them and make them sit in the coat room. I never had her she retired before I got to that grade but I remember I could hear her in the hallway screaming at some kid in her classroom sometimes, it was pretty terrifying. But another, I wasn’t a bed wetter but I had a teacher in second grade that wouldn’t allow me to go to the bathroom so I ended up peeing sitting at my desk…
    I was kind of wondering lately; if one of the reasons why they are like this is b/c they are afraid if people are just who they are they will not assimilate into society? Not that it would make any difference in how I feel about it.
    Thanks for the video.

  6. Ollie, Please tell me the name of this article the lady is reading from. My husband has entered therapy for his Indian Boarding School experience. He is trying to heal his narcissism. Our marriage is a shambles b/c my mere presence creates fear, and anxiety for him (perceived threat, even if there is none). We have a long ways to go and it may not work. But the more he heals the boarding school issues, the more our marriage gets better. This is a fantastic article and we both can benefit from it. Thank you.

  7. Back in 1997 my ex-mother had asked her husband's sister and to go back to the Catholic Church and set up all the food and do other preparations for the guests who would be showing up after they'd had the graveside service for her mother. While her and I where going down this staircase to where the kitchen was, she grabbed my arm and tells me she just had a flash back about those stairs and when she was a little girl attending Catholic School there, about how abusive the nuns were, and that they'd often get pushed down those stairs.

  8. I'm 46 , I was born an raised Catholic , went to catholic school, worked in Cathedral in my diocese for 8 years , my grandfather is a priest , " long story", my father was a Deacon in the church, I come from a very devout and narcissistic family , I've had so many devastating and Trumatic events in my life that has left me pretty messed up, spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially, but 2 , years ago I began doing research on a tablet my husband got me, I'm not techie at all, and have lived a sheltered life , so when I discovered YouTube I was so great full , I began to Study and research everything , and finally had answers as to why I'm so debilitated in every way ,,, my family was abusive physically, but for me the church was abusive emotionally and spiritually and mentally , I've come to discover that the Catholic Church is behind every thing wrong in the world , it all goes back to the Garden of Eden , fallen angels, and the fall of man , I began to study the Bible , my eyes where opened, I'm so great full because when I had nothing , Jesus showed me the truth,, I could not live and function in this world anymore if I did not know the truth and the meaning behind it,,,, catholic church hijacked the true gospel of Jesus Christ.,, all roads lead to Rome, especially the path to hell, hell is paved with the skulls of priests !!! Hope other people out there don't give up on God because of all the horror they have endured , because he really dose love us , and he has a wonderful plan for us , if we trust him ,,, thank you Ollie , for all you do , this channel has helped me more than you know !!!

  9. You are so right about the flying monkeys , and the willing participants, they have infiltrated, every country, every city every town, they are everywhere , they are illuminati, freemasonry, Hollywood, and The Jesuits, the bankers , all the leaders of every country , basically anyone who is large and in charge , all roads lead to Rome, and the pope rules them all

  10. To me, the only earthly thing as extreme as the horrific, soul-sickening ugliness of the abuse so many of us have endured, is the amazing, uplifting hope I feel for all of us and our world when I see how our community has grown over the last couple of years, and how much we share with each other to foster an understanding of what happened to us and how we can heal. Does anyone else see what's happening here? Does anyone else understand how profound a difference this is making in so many lives already? It is my considered and very sincere opinion that we are participating in a revolution that the world has needed increasingly, possibly since the advent of humanity itself.

    Not long ago I was a psychology student, and I came out of graduate school having almost no knowledge of what NPD was, and no understanding that I myself had PTSD; complex PTSD was beginning to be spoken of at that time but not in academic circles that influenced my education. I didn't know what was wrong with me or how it had started; I was just hurting all the time, but I could do no better than try to reduce the symptoms. The one person I needed most desperately to heal – myself – I barely understood at all. Reading book after book after book on my own still left me in the dark. Five years ago I spoke to just the right person online, who led me to just the right resource, and gradually the pieces all started fitting together: my mother was a narcissist and that had shaped (or rather had misshapen) my entire life. At that point it was still hard to find resources for support or understanding, but I have searched hungrily, desperately, and I have watched resources develop and circulate such that we are seeing the beginning of a common language to describe our experience. Fight, flight, freeze, and fawn as reactions to a threat – that has gone from practically unheard of to practically common knowledge in the survivors' vocabulary, and that's just one example.

    I just felt an upwelling of appreciation for all of you in this community and felt a need to share it. In some forms of traditional medicine they speak of treating something with its opposite…you're all helping counter insane, merciless, loveless horror with the most lucid, caring, heartfelt offerings of help and hope. There could be nothing so dignified or so powerful as this in all the world.

  11. grace, i dont think you need to apologise for your reality. this is your one and only life so whatever happened to you does not have to explained to another person, stop thinking of other peoples feelings before your own. be kind to yourself first. all the best. U

  12. Ollie, I like your channel. But, when you say "the Jews were running rampant'", that my religion was and is based on mental manipulation and force, and other negative comments you made, shows that you know nothing about Judaism. You may not like religion, and that is your right, but please do not criticize a whole history and religion of a people you do not understand. Stick to what you know – the abuse by the Catholic church since you experienced it.