Baby Boomers Created A New American Individual But…..


The speaker is Rushworth Kidder. I made this interview with him in 1990. He was talking about his generation, the baby boomers, the 1960s. Rush is the author of several books and the founder of the Inst. for global ethics. A Quaker. Journalist. Unusually articulate. I made several films with him and always enjoyed his perspective.
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  1. Kidder is describing nationalism, which is just recognizing that we are members of a distinct group with a shared history, language, ethnicities, and religion(s). Diversity weakens national cohesion which if taken too far will destroy the country.

    Individualism is fine but we need to recognize that families, communities, ethnicities, and nations also must be respected or the whole thing falls apart.

    The big problem with the Boomers is the threw away our shared morality which greatly weakened us collectively.

  2. I've heard this theory, but I've never been sold on it. I prefer to use as little jargon as possible, so forgive me if the following sounds pretentious or obscurantist. The American individual that does not care about his larger or more frequently even his immediate community is not a frontiersman or mountanier. He is completely at odds with those archetypes. The individual who does not care about the larger community is the individual of the market, where earning money to live means competing with your neighbor, a sort of vulgar self-interest is praised for its efficiency, and firms rarely internalize externalities without the threat of government force. In short people are behaving like they live in a capitalist economy. The "gravity" was never community, ethnicity, nationality, etc. It was an economic base, a way of producing and distributing goods which has shifted to create a world which looks less like the old one every day.

  3. I honestly wonder whether or not humans really want to be very close to each other. I mean, everyone wants to be involved in a group every so often, but from my observations most people are sort of anxious/horrified at having to spend time with other people without the aid of intoxicants, screens, sex, entertainment, religion, or a profit motive. In short, I'm not sure people like spending too much of their time just being completely present with others; communicating genuinely, undistracted, aware and sober. What do you guys think?

  4. Wondering if you have clips which show up better on Facebook so I can turn some of my friends on to your stuff and bring them to your channel here. To explain, when I share a YT video on FB, it shows a still thumbnail and text from the description. However I’d like friends to see a moving dynamic clip of your video in their feed, which grabs their attention with commentary such as what’s being said here. Reason I’d like more people to find your channel here? Your channel is the closest we have to Studs Terkel today; I don’t think I can give a higher compliment.