Baby boomers happy to let state carry on paying

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Nicholas Timmins’ op-ed “ The NHS is sustainable — so long as we are prepared to pay for it” (June 23) suggests that the National Health Service can continue to muddle along. We are unable to admit that it really isn’t “the envy of the world” any more.

All around the developed world there are variations of mixed government-sponsored and social and private insurance models. We seem to be the only advanced economy that believes that the state should control not only the supply but also almost all of the delivery of healthcare from cradle to grave. This has inevitably led to the current situation where the baby boomer generation expect the state to provide old age care as and when required. And they resent being asked to contribute extra.

As a country we have become so dependent on this model that rational debate is squeezed out. At present all we seem to hear are unhelpful comparisons with the US.

Tony Narula

Wargrave, Berks, UK

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