Baby Boomers – Home-Based Business to Supplement Retirement Income


As America’s Baby Boomers (76 million people born between 1946 and 1964) barrel toward retirement, many find that it is necessary to seek a home-based business to supplement their retirement income. Alarmingly, many pre-retirees are depending on declining Social Security income, not participating in any kind of employee sponsored retirement or pension plan, and have accumulated only scarce funds in retirement savings. With this looming crisis affecting nearly 80 million American citizens, solutions must be found fast to ensure financial security and quality-of-life during the so called “golden years.”

Although many solutions should be considered, one answer is a home-based business offered by Financial Destination Inc. (FDI). FDI offers an incredible opportunity to individuals of all ages to position themselves in the multi-trillion dollar financial services industry, harnessing the power of the internet to allow them to work completely from home and generate a significant passive residual income. Complete with a systematic method, marketing resources, and state-of-the-art support, FDI is a desirable and likely alternative to having to continue to work, or worse, go back to work in retirement years.

As there are over 100 million users on the internet today and that number growing by the hour, Boomers are diving in to keep up with the times as they make up a significant number of internet users. Of course any industry that the Boomers have ever touched has had a major impact on the marketplace (i.e. baby food, toys, fast food, cars, real estate, and now retirement). It only makes you wonder, “What impact will the Boomers have on the internet economy, when a great deal of them is out of the work force, and into the retirement force?” And the idea of withering away at 65 is out of the question as Boomers look toward their retirement years to live the dream life of freedom and independence, no longer having to punch a clock.

The retirement years will be a struggle for many of the Baby Boomers as they compensate for insufficient retirement planning. However, ownership of a home-based business, that can maintain, and in a lot of cases create, much needed income, independence, and quality of life, just may be the solution needed to help Boomers enjoy a rosy retirement of financial freedom and security.

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