Baby Boomers Kids Are Moving Back Home After College And Parents Are Miserable


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Baby Boomers Kids Are Moving Back Home After College And Parents Are Miserable

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  1. I can tell you in the UK we millennials can't afford to really move out, rent prices are ridiculously high the only people i know my age who have moved out can only afford to rent a bedroom in a shared house. Housing shortage due to our wonderful mass immigration has driven house prices so high and real wages have not increased for years if you rent in the uk it's difficult to save money to buy your own place. A lot of people in the uk stay with their parents into their 30s.

  2. college , the evidence shows, is a place for idiots to waste time and money….
    i luved college, worked very hard, learned lots….but any retard can get a degree these days for cash!
    these parents build myths about their kids….its all narcissism…a contagious disease!

  3. Set down some MAJOR rules and seriously stick by them Mom and/or Dad (or possibly Mom and/or Mom, Dad and/or Dad, Mom and/or Step-Mom, Mom and/or Step-Dad or Step-Mom and/or Dad …).
    Signed…Experienced (with no good outcome)

    Oh, you have my permission to be nasty and caustic as hell. You ARE going to be accused of much more anyway. LOCK UP ALL of YOUR CHERISHED POSSESSIONS…they ARE hard up for money and will HOCK your shit.

  4. Maybe it has something to do with this: ""Astonishing Numbers": US Wages Peaked With Boomers Born In 1942"   ""For instance, the typical 27-year-old man’s annual earnings in 2013 were 31 percent less than those of a typical 27-year-old man in 1969. The data suggest that today’s young men are unlikely to make up for that decline by earning more in the future. Women have done much better than men. More women have entered the labor force and taken on more prestigious and remunerative careers. Still, women are making less than men over their working years, and women’s rising earnings have not made up for the decline in men’s incomes for the population as a whole. Recently, women’s progress has stalled, in part due to the financial crisis. The typical female worker who was 27 in 2013 made no more than the typical woman of that age did in 1980."

  5. Baby Boomers? Baby Boomers came out of WWII? I hope they are not moving back home because they are next in line for the grave. Gen X is generation after Baby Boomers who should be around 40s or 50s. I think you are talking about Gen Y/Millennials. But yes cut the umbilical cord and put away those teets!

  6. I can speak on this. I worked my butt off in undergrad, got a music degree to become a teacher, and worked during my studies to pay for it. No car, just a bike. When I graduated, I worked minimum wage jobs until I got my current job, salaried job with benefits. I moved back home until I was able to finance a house. The cost of living has skyrocketed, and wages really haven't kept up, but I digress. I also paid off my car and student loans while at home. My method: live below your means, take initiative, stop making excuses, and don't let yourself be enabled. Yes these are tough times, but parents should never enable their kids.

  7. I am a mother of 3. I have successfully launched 2 of my children who are not SJWs, nor are they lazy. However, while searching for work and starting from the very bottom when they did find it, I opened my doors and welcomed them back home until their late 20s.

    Yes, it has cost me dearly as far as my own financial stability is concerned, but I feel my role as a parent is to successfully integrate my children into society as meaningful, valuable and self-sustaining individuals.

    Times have changed now. If my kids were lazy users I would have thrown them out on their ears. They aren't. They just needed a stable platform to create a strong path forward. Age had nothing to do with readiness.

  8. Good morning Doc! Great video and I agree 100% with what you say. Bet 100% of those idiots marching and destroying American property and marching with the pussy hats are baby boomers. Entitled minded bunch that think the world owes them. Borrow, borrow, borrow from mom, dad and every institution and never paying back. Those that drop out of school become career welfare recipients. Not all but a great percentage of them. That's what happens when the parents listen to clowns like Dr. Spock, don't disipline their kids and like you say, don't let them fall on their asses once in a while! When they do fall, they don't know how to get up, they're expecting that handout from mom and dad. Or anybody they can screw over. This whole world and inhabitants has become a swamp. Good day love, God bless you and Mrs. Doc! …….boo

  9. The baby boomer generation is responsible for their children being the first generation in American history to do worse then the parents. The baby boomer generation is responsible for the $20 trillion national debt. The baby boomer generation is responsible for the birthrate following below replacement levels in this country. The baby boomer generation has attached a shackle of student debt to their children that is 200 times higher than the amount that they had to pay when they were in their shoes. The majority of baby boomers brought their children up in broken homes with out a father. Baby boomer children are sad depressed and confused and growing more and more angry. The next Civil War won't be between black and white or rich and poor or north and south it will be between young and old.

  10. I'm a baby boomer the very last of them the 1964 and my kids don't live with me they own there own homes and only 1 went to college and she's on her own so to say baby boomers spoiled their kids is not a fair statement a lot of these kids won't over move back home cause there are rules and it doesn't matter how old they are

  11. This is the sad truth, Dr! I will be 28 in 10 days, have a degree in linguistics, live with my 62-year-old mom and I swear, I have been wanting to move out! The thing is I have never had a full-time job, only part-time jobs. I also live in libtard Commiefornia where the economy is quite messed up and the rents are expensive as hell. However, I have taught English and lived in China by myself twice. I may still live with my mom but I have always payed for my own crap and other bills. I also buy my own food. I don't have a car either. I have never asked my parents for help at all because it's just embarrassing for me. Even if they wanted to help me out or give me money, I'd refuse because I'd feel like a weak man. I also feel quite ashamed of my situation. I have all of these baby boomers and gen-x'ers calling me a man-child for living with my mom and not having a full-time, which is making me feel even more ashamed of myself. My mom always says that everything is okay and that I shouldn't worry about anything but I know this is not okay for me.

  12. The real evil is that nobody's pushing kids to go into trades. Electricians charge thirty or forty dollars an hour to fix your dishwasher or washing machine. You'll pay it. That's because you NEED that machine to run to keep that standard of living going. As long as people need to wash their clothes, they'll need electricians to keep that machine running, or a car going, or your plumbing flowing.

    Trades are where it's at right now, and people always need those guys. Used to be you made fun of bricklayers for their choice of work and warned kids not to go to school or end up like them. Now the English majors WISH they became bricklayers.

  13. All loans(including student loans)should be granted based on the ability to be paid back.Loans for arts/humanities degrees are almost useless and should only be about 1% funded.Loans for useful degrees like medical/engineering should be 90% funded as these students are more likely to get well paying jobs.If someone wants an art degree;let them pay for it themselves.

  14. This has become ever more common today. So who's to blame? Our crooked
    politicians in DC and abroad who sold us out with outsourcing of factory
    jobs overseas. Then the remaining jobs here are mostly labor and
    service where companies are hiring illegals and making matters worst
    replacing American workers with foreign workers in jobs with hi-tech career
    fields such as IT.

  15. They can't afford their own apartment because their liberal policies increased everybody's rent! A landlord can bill the state $1200 a month with a commie tenant today when that same apartment was $500 fifteen years ago. These kids did this to themselves. There is a direct correlation between increased rent and increased entitlements. A worker can't compete with the state rental allowable and win.

  16. The funny thing about it is the kids are moving home and cant be adults but I think a lot of people tend to forget that before these kids were able to vote it was the baby boomers that fell asleep and voted for the current state that we live in. They got comfortable with there success and just plain forgot. I'm not trying to argue I'm just stating a fact.(Ive been in the military and do my own thing but I'm also 34)