Baby Boomers: Millennials are Lazy – are they right?


Matt Walsh dives into the claim made by the Baby Boomer generation that Millennials are much less ambitious than they are. Are they right? If so, don’t they deserve some of the blame?

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  1. No, we’re not lazy, our economy totally sucks. No young person can afford a house and support a family unless they get handed some rare job.

    Back in the day people could start families in their late teens/early 20s. Nowadays you need to be making 6 figures to have a traditional nuclear family

  2. My oldest daughter is 25 and graduated with a culinary degree and is now a chef. She plans to go back and get an advanced degree and be a pastry chef. She's doing fantastic. She's known what she wanted to do since sophomore year of high school.

    (A chef – not just a cook)

  3. Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce. Every month money is taken out of our paycheck to fund the socialist program of social security that is allowing baby boomers to sit at home and complain about how millennials killed Sears and KMart.

    Here’s the real kicker; SS will not be around in 30-40 years when we retire. Millennials are the ones who will have to make sure we can take care of ourselves when we leave the workforce. We won’t have the generation behind us to depend on to keep our lights on, food in our fridge, etc.

    Baby Boomers instead of complaining and calling us entitled…how about you just STFU.

  4. Hell, I dropped out of highschool my freshmen year. I learned chemistry, mathematics, physics, history, and all that on my own (thank you public libraries, and internet) and developed a skill set before 21. I know more, and I am smarter because of it. I know more and am more educated than anyone else that I know who is my age including people with bachelors degrees. Hell, I know real history, even more so than these fucking boomers.

  5. I refuse to listen to baby boomers they set up this ruined system after they destroyed the gift their parents gave them, they enslaved their children and grandchildren in the name of social security, they took everything and left nothing, yet they have the arrogance to call others lazy and entitled and selfish.

  6. That was about the most ignorant thing I've heard in some time. So it had nothing to do with no contest divorce? Nothing to do with Affirmative action legislation? The fifties were our golden era, an era when the civil rights movement was going strong. What's the difference between affirmative action and civil rights? Civil rights was about equality under the law by disposing of discriminatory laws like the Jim Crow segregation laws. Affirmative action laws are about segregation laws that divide us by gender and race. Laws that reward not by actions but based solely on genitalia and color. Handy capping those they deem unworthy and forcing them to work even harder to succeed while rewarding those who choose failure.

  7. I'm 66 and live with 3 millenials. They are not lazy: they are physically ill. They have no immune systems, they eat disgusting non nutritious food and they are mostly sedentary. They literally HAVE NO ENERGY because they put empty calories in their mouths and spend hours playing stupid, repetitive video games that drain their motivation.

  8. You are 100% correct. I never went to college, but in highschool everyone was demanding that I choose a field to go into. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life until LAST YEAR. I'm 25. How are young people suppose to know this life changing question, when they have never been exposed to career fields that they might be interested in?

  9. BS, I'm a boomer at 69. Our problem wasn't working too hard or long, it was breaking down traditional values. God family job. We messed up with it's fine to have kids out of wedlock, live together, marriage license is just a piece of paper. We were WRONG IMO. ALSO women, "wabting" it all" didn't help. Life is comprise. PLEASE VOTE RED ON NOVEMBER 6TH.

  10. Bay Boomers are Narcissistic, and even with all the wealth that was available most lived beyond their means and never planned for retirement. Now most Baby Boomers are racing debt collectors to the grave, and want to leave the younger generations with the bill for the boomer's reckless, self centered, and entitled attitude.

  11. You ruined the economy
    You ruined the environment
    You ruined America
    You ruined the dollar
    You ruined education
    You ruined drinking at 18
    You ruined government aid
    You ruined the future

    Now you expect us to fuckin fix it right? Must have been nice to buy your whole lunch with 1 dollar. Stupid old fucks, of course we are lazy. We all work so hard for inflated money that our bodies are shot and we aren't even 30 yet and we have nothing to fall back on. I hate the older generations, disgusting, greedy, useless war mongers. I can't wait till you're all fucking dust in the wind, except my Nana I love her.

  12. The thing is why we are not motivated to go to top is because we despise work politics, we despise how things are run, how owners are trying to get everything out of workers , giving nothing in return and contrary cutting every expense possible, just so they can put more in their pockets.

  13. i'm a millennial and i have no shame in telling boomers that YOU DON'T KNOW THE FIRST GODDAMN THING ABOUT HARD WORK! you can quit sitting in your ivory towers after you completely crippled the strongest economy this country had ever seen! i have a college degree in computer science and can still barely make ends meet due to stagnant wages in the garbage economy that YOU created! meanwhile, any blue collar dipshit with a high school diploma from the 70's got to coast throughout life in a nice suburban neighborhood. fuck you. i cannot say that emphatically enough. you are the *worst* generation of spoiled brats this country has ever seen. we're sick of you chuckling cocksuckers who think it's funny to be "semi-retired" and taking up jobs that workers of our generation actually need. just hurry up and fucking die.

    also, this isn't npc satire. i truly fucking hate you all.

  14. It's not that they are lazy, millennials are owned by the Internet and this substitutes for actually doing anything. What is the millennial legacy? No one knows, but the boomer legacy is vast and comprehensive – we created the zeitgeist you live in and take for granted. So stop whining, stop looking for excuses and get your shit together because I'm telling you, if wreck the culture your kids will come for your heads.

  15. As a millennial, how about we make a deal with you boomers and Gen X people who accuse us of laziness: More and more of us will start pulling our weight and maybe even move out of our parent's house when you older employers stop telling us we "must have X years experience" to be a friggin intern, an administrative assistant or, I dunno, ANYTHING that helps us get our foot in the door within a company or profession. How do you think we ACCUMULATE that experience? I'm 31, I finished my business degree several years ago, and haven't been able to obtain any form of employment other than part-time work in jobs that even teenagers can do. Obviously, I won't be moving out of my parent's house or finish paying off my 10k of student loans anytime soon.