Baby boomers more afraid about running out of money than death?


‘Retire Inspired’ author Chris Hogan on planning for retirement.

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  1. There is absolultely NO reason why social security / Medicare should run out of money. Simply charge everyone the same percent on ALL income, and those programs will be awash with money.. The typical workers pay into soc. sec. their entire lives even as they have lower life expectancy.. The wealthiest, who have the highest life expectancy, (thus they receive more in benefits) pay for the first few seconds of a work year – and none from investment income. As soon as people like you earn over $125k, your payments stop. It's worse than a tragedy. When you see old people eating cat food, realize that YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

  2. Those averages are scary……considering many live paycheck to paycheck. USA is on a downward spiral. We have kicked the lower and middle class down so far they can't really pull themselves out. Sad. Used car average price $400…..crazy. People with single incomes and kids struggle so hard.

  3. Out of the about 1,000 millenials I know , im rettry positive not a single one has $17,000 in the bank!, bullshit,,, most dont have $17 in the bank, woops I was thinking millenial instead of boomer my mistake, I am a boomer and the millenial finzncial situation is sad and scary at best