Baby Boomers' national impact | IN 60 SECONDS


In recent years, an aging America — lead mostly by the Baby Boomers — has made life more difficult for the nation’s younger population and limited their chances at success. AEI’s Lyman Stone takes a look at the economic impact of the Boomers and how their actions are affecting future generations.

ARTICLE — Declining fertility in America

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  1. I hope 🇺🇸🇺🇸 remains strongest,brightest and greatest forever Amen. It's time to educate public about importance of family and also need to deregulate the economy and eliminating unfair competition . United States needs to make difficult for forgein compines or institutions to acquire an American property and eliminate all forgein lobbies like Chinese,Indians and Pakistanis.

  2. An aging population lead by baby boomers… do you mean since they are older they are in fact the ones in leadership positions or that their % of the population is such that they are skewing the population towards an older average. I can grant both certainly but their enactment of abortion has also diminished the number of younger americans, further skewing the average age.

  3. My biggest problem with the boomers is the lack of collective accountability. Unchecked, reckless spending has led to a sky-rocketing national debt and the upcoming financial insolvency of multipule social institutuons (medicare, medicade, Social security, etc.). Rather than curtailing benefits, raising the retirement age, and making socially-conscious decisions, they've acted solely in the self-interest of their age bracket, saddling the Gen Xers, Millenials, and Gen Zs with the consequences of their poor decisions.