Baby Boomers Retirement – Impacts On Government Exposed


Baby boomers did so much for the United States and changed so much in the culture that many didn't start thinking about the effects of their retirement until it was too late. The baby boomers are beginning to retire. Those born in the earliest part of the baby boom phase are getting extremely close to the required age that there is more talk about what the government is going to do to help out this generation.

When the baby boomers retire they are going to need Medicare and Social Security. However, there are those concerned that there isn't going to be enough money to cover all of the baby boomers. There are few important facts about the baby boomer generation that they have to realize before retiring.

– They need more money than previous generations to live comfortably.
– Baby boomers are more self indulgent, which means the type of things are they are going to want come retirement will differ than their parents.
– They are going to healthier and live longer.

Because of these reasons many boomers feel they are going to work into their retirement age, some part time. Many feel they want to work until retirement age, but then join a new field or career come 64. This plays into the idea of ​​baby boomers being indulgent. They will take the money they worked for in the first job and do the thing they always dreamed about in their second job. The normal idea of ​​retirement won't happen for many baby boomers until their late 60's. This is being called the new retirement.

Luckily, there are some who have saved money over the years and created retirement accounts. This type of behavior has to do with what many of the baby boomers saw growing up. There were gas shortages and an energy crisis. They saw what not having money to pay bills and not having enough of a certain need could do to a family. They didn't want to allow that to happen to themselves.

This generation is one of the most prosperous in American history. They have worked in jobs that have paid well and helped stimulate the economy. Many are going to be happy when they retire because they will be getting pensions and retirement accounts. They aren't going to rely too much on the government to help them out.

But what about the people who didn't save enough? What about the people who don't have enough money in the bank to last through retirement? These are the people that are going to rely on the government for assistance. The only problem is no one knows if the government is going to be there for everyone when the time comes because the baby boomers represent 28 percent of the current population.

Starting in 2008, the first of the baby boomers will start collecting retirement. This is going to be a time of great uncertainty because there is no way of knowing how the economy and government is going to hold up over the next 20 years. The government social security could take a huge financial hit or it could run smoothly.

The key for baby boomers is to have a plan once they retire. Don't think that once you retire you are going to spend your days relaxing on a beach for the rest of your life. Many retirees don't take into account the psychological aspects of retiring. This is what baby boomers have to think about. It isn't just about having enough money for retirement, though this is important, you have to know what you want to do once that day comes.

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