Baby Boomers Retirement Is Often Spent In Senior Living Communities


Senior living communities are one of the fastest growing segments in the retirement living facilities sector. One of the things that distinguishes most of these communities is the emphasis on wellness and activities for the senior residents.

In previous generations when any senior who had reached retirement age was considered a candidate for the nursing home, there simply was not any kind of meaningful choice when it came time to choosing a place for the seniors to live. The only real choice was a nursing home where you lived or a nursing home some other place. And that was about it.

Many retirees lived with their children, but for many retirees of the baby boomer generation, this is not a very appealing choice. Many of the boomers were raised with a firm belief in their ability to have options in every aspect of their lives. This is a long standing thought pattern in boomer psychology. And while it certainly is not a bad thing, that kind of thinking has already brought down many a societal institution.

Retirement living for the boomer generation is shaping up to be a very different idea than it was for their parents or grandparents. Now, the choice of senior living communities is vast and is differentiated mostly by what activities the community is based around and what level of care is provided to the residents.

Common activities to form a senior retirement community around are sports like golf or tennis. There are a few equestrian communities but these are not as common. Sometimes the retirement communities are formed around a group with a common characteristic. Something like a religious affiliation or maybe a specific national origin.

The other thing that makes a difference in the type of community is the level of personal or nursing care that is provided for the residents. Generally there are 3 types of communities where you can live and receive differing amounts of personal care. The most care is provided in nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities. And the least amount of nursing care is provided in active adult communities, where most of the people do not need any extra care at all.

In the middle ground are the assisted living facilities where the seniors need some care, but not much and so, they live independently in apartments or houses.

Before you make a final decision on where you want to live when you retire, it is a good idea to use the research available on the internet to investigate the different types of senior living communities. This can help you make the perfect decision for your situation.

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