Baby Boomers Speak Out About Vietnam In 1969


This is a portion of a TV show presented in 1969 where a well-known journalist visited Charlottesville Virginia. It was a time when America was divided, just about 50-50, on whether the Vietnam War was a just war or an unjust war. I was one of the cameramen recording this documentary and collected it as part of the archive I built to produce my 6 part 1991 PBS television series, Making Sense Of The Sixties. The divide was extreme and it seemed as though few could cross the partisan divide and agree on just about anything.

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  1. The Millennials today who have made a slogan of 'OK, Boomer!' don't understand how many of us worked very hard to change an autocratic, war-hawk culture. We were not all people who put making lots of money in any way we could, above all else. We were also war-protesters, strikers and pioneers for change. Remember that next time you try to blame us for plutocrats.

  2. I wonder, had there not been a war in Vietnam.. would hippies have become as big of a movement? Would the school protests happened anyways? Let's say that the war was indeed a war against communism; did that idea backfire? A lot of people commenting here seem to love the war and hate the hippies, but they're two slices of the same cake.

  3. Its insane how progressive these boomers were, they truly believed in a better world, and maybe once upon a time could even empathize with the 20 year olds who demand change in our political system today. But in the words of perhaps the greatest boomer “Your old road is rapidly aging Please get outta’ the new one if you can’t lend your hand”.

    I have no sympathy for any boomer, you could have been blue for your whole life, it doesn’t matter because they have failed us.

    the time we live in is a time of unbridled wealth and greed controlling our systems, with no consequences and it has left our environment in ruin. all because of boomers

    our house is on fire and u held the matches.

  4. The fear of spreading communism that never happened. As far as I know North Vietnam has never exported or spread their philosophy or threatened us or surrounding nations.Does that mean 59 thousand young men and women died in vain? I don’t think our government has ever adequately explained to its people what was actually accomplished. If Vietnam was really hellbent on influencing others the fear of us returning wouldn’t have mattered since we left so abruptly leaving our supporters to pay the price.

  5. Kinda bummed we barely got to hear like…anything that young woman said. I’m not sure if she was just telling what hippies are or if she was saying what she felt about it, but this whole video all men. Literally as soon as she stops talking that’s when the voice over stops so you could hear the men speak. I know their voices matter, of course, but it just kinda made me sad I couldn’t hear the young girl’s voice and what she thought, or any young woman for that matter.