Baby Boomers: Stop Blaming Millennials – We Were Warned, & Did Nothing


Young, Old, Black, White, Jew, Gentile – we all have to stop passing the buck, and take responsibility for the nightmare world that has manifested. It is our own laziness, self-absorption, refusal to to do the work necessary to change ourselves, and become mature responsible adults that, with each successive generation, led the way to the enormity of problems we face today.

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  1. I Appreciate the Intellect in this Video…it is So Awesome, it is Worth Downloading. Does Anyone Have an 'Ear'? to Hear? The riches,.of Truth 'CLEAR' 9:30 "and Present danger" "Has Never Been So CLEAR" "never Been more imminent" "For We are OPPOSED… 9:55 by a 'Monolithic' ..ruthless 'conspiracy' a system which has ConScripted.. "A HIGHLY EFFICIENT MACHINE" 'secret is Revealed' "this Nation's foe's Have OPENLY BOASTED" DEMOc''Ra''C'y' 'the de'Tail's' "have Been available" "publication of details concerning a Secret MECHANISM"

  2. " Baby Boomers: Stop Blaming Millennials " ??? WHAT THE FUCK ??? I'm 60. In 1961, I was 3 years old. It wasn't till the advent of the internet that I could discover all the bullshit that had been going on for over 200 years. And you want to place the burden of responsibility on me ? Fuck You. You don't comprehend what happened in America. Just trace your family lineage back 200 years, and THERE'S where the blame lies. It's called " Parents not educating their children. This failure to act goes way back. So don't be ignorant and blame us Baby Boomers. Good job, you just lost a viewer . . .

  3. Millenials and baby boomers cannot work together. The millenials have no reapect for our generation and there is chaos in the office with the millenial know it all who literally knows nothing except beee and promiscuous lifestyle. There are no Christian values in the millennials. They scoff at morality before anything

  4. He was a man before his time. He knew what was going on. and now, this 'thing' and its order followers, supporters and deniers are GLOBAL not national. They operate through subversive means, through NGOs and start ups and are insidious and ruthless acting beyond authority and taught their dark arts by common purpose/common core and secret societies. They are the virus taking over humanity and this planet.

  5. All these truther channels are focusing their attention in the wrong
    direction, you have to go after the snake and expose them for what they
    are. The nights templars are the Freemasons today, they planned
    thousands of years ago to take over the world. This new world order has a
    much much bigger plan in place. The reason for this new world order is
    that they have to have control over the total world, complete control
    and once this new world order is in place, they plan to rebuild the
    temple of Solomon in Israel. They know that this is not going to go over
    well with the Muslims, tearing down their mosque that sits on the
    grounds of Solomons temple with infuriate them and the only way to
    control them is by world total control. This is the end game of their
    plan after they have done everything else. Right now children are being
    initiated into the brotherhood and sisterhood and that's how they are
    pulling off these false flags. I have emailed a lot of truther channels
    and so far NO ONE! is paying attention. Watch this for yourself, the
    program is called DEMOLAY after the first grand master demolay that was
    burned alive along with other templars and in honor of them, Demolay is
    the new chapter of children. This is proof the masons were the once
    known templars. There was also a t.v show just recently aired that was
    tracing what happened to the templars after their escape from France and
    they even found out that they are the Freemasons now. Watch this for
    yourself!, the masons have a temple in every town, village and thousands
    in every state. They meet on a monthly basis to pass down orders from
    the very top. The templars incorporated the star of david in all of
    their temples, if you look at google map, you will see a giant star of
    David laid out within the streets of DC and the tip of the star is
    pointed right at the whitehouse. They are telling the world and all
    other members of the organization world wide that they have taken over
    the new world, America!. The templars only mission is to protect Israel,
    what does America do no matter what president sits in office? PROTECT
    ISRAEL!. The British side of the freemasons pulled all the strings to go
    to war with the arabs and push them back so that they could give israel
    back to the jews. I am telling you, the masons are behind everything
    that is going on today and they don't give a rats ass if you know and in
    fact they are putting it out there for you to know because they know
    that there is nothing you can do now!, they have taken over control of
    all power. They have the wealth, they have our own power to use against
    us all. Wake up people!, expose the head of the snake for what it is!
    because attacking the tail only regrows again. After they are done
    taking all power to control us all, the temple mount will be demolished!
    to rebuild the temple of solomon!.You say well why is youtube and
    google doing this and that and pulling down channels ect, well look on
    the big picture!, THEY ARE ALL FREEMASONS!. They get their orders from
    the grandmaster!, you just don't get it!. THEY ARE WORLD WIDE!, they are
    a secret society, they are in companies, judicials systems, in every
    facet of gov, they are in schools, Dr.s offices. Ever see how bed bugs
    fester?, before you know it they are everywhere!.
    Watch here, children being initiated into the brotherhood and sisterhood
    of the freemasons Branch Demolay.

  6. Your SO right Kafta!  The Baby-Boomer's Programming IS what brought about the NWO!  WE were the Most Brain-Washed of ALL generations to bring in the NWO! We passed this behavior on to OUR Children! And Now, Most Baby-Boomer's are Hiding away and Refuse to Stand-up FOR Future Generations! That is the ONLY Generation they Really had to Neuter to get their AGENDA! All the rest, Learned from US &  Followed suit!  LET'S Remember, Our parents Never had this Information, WE Were given the information!  This was ALL by Design!

  7. People who were born in a 20 year period are responsible for all the woes of today?  I myself was busy working and raising a family, and we were likely the first to realize that everything was put into place while the people were not consulted, and that voting meant dick crap.  How quickly it is forgotten who has been in charge for hundreds of years, especially before, during and after the wars.  No, we held no more power then than we do now.  More divide and conquer between millennials and boomers.  Disappointing.