Baby Boomers – Surplus To The American Workforce


In the past decade, many individuals have been forced to retire or were laid off from their life long professions. American airlines are an excellent example of forced retirement. It does not matter what words are used by the Dallas Morning News, Downsizing, Layoffs, Job Cuts or Pink Slip Parties. It all means unemployment benefits (if any are to be given) and or early retirement.

Retiring from the world of work can bring on a major crisis when it comes. What will you do with the decrease in income? How will it change your standing within the community? How will it change your standing within the family? What will you do with all your free time? The major group of people that are being ask these questions are the Baby Boomers.

The trend now days seem to be is that these individuals are surplus to the American workforce. Of the total of 76,402,903 Baby Boomers more than 73% choose remain active in some climate of work. Employment is the name of the game for people that are out of work. For people that have the skills, desire and ability a job is paramount in their lives.

As Mr. Louis Uchitelle observes in his recent book, "The Disposable American": Since 1984, more than 30 million Americans holding full-time jobs have been laid off – permanently separated from their jobs, Millions fell victim to "foreign competition," a euphemism for sending to countries where wages are measured in cents, not dollars. "

Most Baby Boomers still have 12 to 20 years or more to be active in job market. What types of jobs are available for baby bloomers in the workplace? I am talking about jobs that they can do that will fit into the 21st Century. Is it possible that the deepest fear for the Baby Boomers are Not that they are inadequate when it comes to working? The deepest fear is that they are powerless to finding a job of worth. And, finding a job that cannot be exported overseas.

Cornell University found that about one third of all Baby Boomers are planning a second career. With over 76 Million Boomers in the United States, that's 26 million planning to re-enter the workplace. According to the Congressional Budget Office, 25 percent of Baby Boomer households do not have enough in savings put away to retain their standard of living upon retirement.

When Baby Boomers were Young, they created the youth movement of the 60s. When they entered their 20s, they created the culture of excess in the 70's. Unlimited financial abundance was their birthright. That sounded great but that did not prove to be true. And there are now paying the price for it.

Starting a second career isn't something limited to the oldest Baby Boomers. Most full-time employees who are laid off have to take jobs that pay far less, and it is pure mythology that the answer for displaced workers is found in new skills – implying that there are jobs for everyone if they only had the right education. Even today there are not enough jobs for the college-educated employees seeking employment.

This is why so many Baby Boomers are working jobs which they are overqualified for. Many Boomers are facing years of hourly wages in part-time jobs to make ends meet. And this explains why thousands have disappeared from the unemployment rolls. Could home based businesses be the answer for those who are unemployed? Mr. Uchitelle estimated that of more than 30 million workers downsized out of a job since the 1980s most were Baby Boomers.

Some Boomers are answering their desire to give back to society by teaching in the public school or assisting in community volunteer programs. Still others are chasing their own dreams, turning a beloved hobby into a start-up companies, and quite a few are opening their own Home Based Business. Many are finding that Ecommerce could be the wave of their future. Could Ecommerce be the Declaration Of Independence for most if not all Baby Boomers? Declaration Of Independence is a very good way for all of us to see our jobs of the future. Jobs not tide to a company or a specific organization but tide to a concept, a new paradigm shift.

The number of Baby Boomer owned businesses have grown since the incident with Enron and Boeing. They have grown at twice the rate of all US firms. When asked about their motivation in starting there own Home Based Business, more than 50% indicate the desire for independence as the primary motivation. Even beyond that is the social responsibility that they feel for themselves, their family and the community. Starting a Second Career for Fun? It is anything else but fun, it is a source of income that is necessary for many Baby Boomers. I will survive ….
What will be the affects on baby bloomers in the future?

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