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  1. Wouldn't call them the dumbest generation because the Boomers and Gen X had some of the best public educational systems once again thanks to the WWII generation that built the system. Definitely the Boomers were the most greedy fucks/all for me and none for you, the most IRRESPONSIBLE generation. HELL YES! In fact irresponsible is an understatement.

  2. "the Baby Boomers were America's dumbest generation ever but, uh, I, I, I don't really know, I don't, I don't really have a good answer on why."
    Why is this man making a statement and then saying he doesn't know why? Does anyone really care what a complete stranger thinks but that stranger doesn't know why he thinks that way?

  3. I would also like to add that the majority of shitty ingredients in foods were created and approved by baby boomers for profit…most of these compounds are even banned in third world countries. If baby boomers could do one good thing tomorrow it would be to assassinate Donald Rumsfeld who got fake sugar approved by his constituents in the 80s. Guess who the MAJORITY was back then? BABY BOOMERS. Even though some scientists said it's not safe back then…. Oh… Now they were right! Donald Rumsfeld needs to be imprisoned or executed for creating massive massive problems in the country. His fortune needs to be liquidated and he should pay restitution to the country for his wrongdoings. He's a piece of shit 

  4. in response to Bella Howard and Janny Wanny.. The more you talk the more you incriminate yourselves! Now you have to attack someone personally just to be heard. Goes to prove how whiny and bitchy the boomers are. I could teach a bear how pave a frickin road. If your a baby boomer coming on here to defend your gen you'll have to do better than that. My father who worked his ass off for the man made pretty good money in the 80s and 90s. My brother has the EXACT SAME JOB and makes THE SAME MONEY per hour in 2014. PRETTY FUCKIN SAD! The baby boomers wrote their own salaries with money that didn't exist, especially doctors and RNs. Doctors and attorneys make much more now than by comparison. These are important professions that could affect an economy. Baby Boomers were responsible for this. And NO baby boomers had nothing to do with the building Golden Gate Bridge…Only thing they built were fences by Mexico. What other great things did you do? After world war two they got war and money hungry. Now the later gens are left with terrible foreign policy and a war we will NEVER win. We will NEVER win the war on terror. Baby Boomers created the terror.

  5. Technological unemployment coming soon. In many ways its already here. There will never be significant job growth, ever again. This SHOULD be a good thing, but today's system doesn't allow this. Employment trending downward since 2000, and its not because the boomers are retiring because there are as many millennials "entering" as there are boomers "leaving".

  6. I think the main reason the housing bubble followed the tech bubble is that most people are so severely brain washed by the main stream network media they will believe any thing on television and succumb to the fear tactics to just follow along like a bunch of sheep scared of a little dog

  7. The solution is simple.

    You change legal requirements for immigration. Do that, and there won't be any illegal immigration.. There's problem fucking solved.

    Except "duh left" just wants to continue the status quo and not change anything, and "duh wight" is just a buncyh of fucking idiots who clandestinely support illegal immigration because it allows lower taxes for businesses.

    It's a red herring and it will be one for ever. Just like abortion, school prayer, gay marriage…

  8. > And you do? I'm beginning to wonder just how much you know because you seem
    > awfully sympathetic here.

    I've read binLaden, Mein Kampf, and Marx. I guess I'm a terrorist communist fascist – or maybe I just have a FUCKING EDUCATION.

    I canot believe how easily manipulated people are. It's utterly depressing. You have no idea what is going on, and you never will, because you're too much of a group of cowards to find out.

  9. And you do? I'm beginning to wonder just how much you know because you seem awfully sympathetic here. Quit jerking, are you a Nazi or not?

    By the way, Big Government is necessary for a large border patrol, a large national police force, and a large military, all things that no self-respecting fascist would turn down.

  10. And I guarantee that Neo-Nazis do not want "smaller government." If you believe that,


    Big government led to the passage of the Civil Rights act, ended segregation, and has basically eliminated all states rights. You don't even know what their goals are.

  11. So you immediately assume I'm a hardcore Zionist because I don't want to vote for a candidate associated with Neo-Nazis? Way to jump to conclusions. I actually do think we're too generous with Israel's abuses of human rights. But I guess that doesn't matter to you, since I MUST be a Zionist if I don't vote for your candidate! That says volumes about your thought processes.

  12. You stupid shit.

    If Hitler said the sky was blue, would you immediately deny it?

    You'll find NeoNazis and the KKK defending ZIONISM because it's a national movement for a ETHNIC GROUP of people. The Zionists are the KKK for Jewish people – they have identical goals.

    A bunch of bigots want the reduction of the size of this government and stop going to war with foreign nations for no fucking reason. Gee, I GUESS I CAN'T SUPPORT THAT ANYMORE THEN.

    Right, idiot? Who taught you to think?

  13. I had considered Ron Paul but I was alarmed by the amount of support he got from white nationalists. When the pics of him with Don Black from Stormfront and those old Ron Paul newsletters surfaced I couldn't vote for him. There are no men vying for the presidency who deserve it.

  14. You should have halted your support when you found out he voted to approve the Patriot Act and to fund the Iraq War.

    When he was a Junior Senator.

    Not that McCain was any different.

    The 3 choices you had in 2008 was Dennis Kucinich, Mike Grave, and Ron Paul – all the rest were absolute SCUM. Your only choice in 2012 was Ron Paul. In 2016, you won't have any choice, you'll have two clones running against each other and a stupid population arguing about which dirtbag is better.