Baby Boomers vs Millennials: The Generational Divide


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  1. Oh goodie! I've got a lot of thoughts about this. So first off I just really need to proclaim my immense dislike of the concept of generations. It's really just a cultural thing, fueled by the rapid fluctuations in society and youth culture. I would say the changes of culture is gradual, not generational. Technology also plays a great part in this, I suppose.
    I shall post my pro-boomer rant on the Far-Right's youth obsession later. Btw, Argent, will you ever make a video on youth culture? Like, how it's created, why, and how one could cease it.

  2. Here's a hot take: Fuck the degenerates that robbed their descendants of God, Country, Confidence and Prosperity.

    We inherited their mess, a mess made worse by each generations lack of agency.

    And to hear their goddamn smug platitudes over and over will never not stop being a cubicle of hell.

    Fuck the baby boomers, Gen X, and if we can't handle it let us get rightly roasted by our successors

  3. Alright. So the Far-Right's idealization of youth comes from as far back as Fascism. The Far-Right movement, as it exists here today on the internet, is really a youth movement. Now, while I do think there is a certain characteristic of young men, that attracs them to such politics in general. A proclivity towards fanaticism, one might say. I must also acknowledge that the old boomer wisdom that old people in general tend to be more conservative still rings true. And while the conservatism of the averge man, weather young or old, conserves nothing, old people are at least less degenerate.

    Respect of elders is one of the most important values for a society to have. Not only are old people the fire-bearers of ancient wisdom, they are also just as worth protecting as children are. And while the boomers have been corrupted, and cast away the wisdom they were supposed to inherit, they have still lived. And under these years of experience, they naturally picked up certain wisdoms. Basically, elders are to be revered.

    Now, I have never agreed to the thoughts that young adults/teenagers naturally and organically tend towards this youth rebellion. Youth rebellion I see as a part of Youth Culture, and I think it stems from the same reasons. For one, society of the past would not have been as compromizing to these rebels. They wouldn't have been allowed to function like they did during the 60s. But Youth Culture, as a whole, I think, stems from the education system. We abandoned homeschooling, and Youth Culture is the direct result of that. Simply put, when you cram a bunch of young adults/children into a system where they are incouraged to found their friend groups on having basically the same age, of course they're gonna form a sub-culture around that!

    Now, the current internet Far-Right is very much a result of this rebellion. This results in quite a shallow ideology, basically a right-wing political "don't like nazis? Well, I'll just break that taboo then!"
    This is a trap any young traditionalist should avoid falling into. It is easy to rebel agains the modern world with a stupid teenage spirit behind it all. The way to do it, I think, is to acknowledge you now adhere to a different establishment. Not idolizing youth is also a good start, I suppose.

    Pruned and epitomized; my point is that we should revere our elders and reject the Far-Right's youth cult. Boomers, for all their flaws, are still better then Millenials and, God save us, Gen Z.

  4. Yeah boomers are horrible spenders my grandmother is the perfect example of that she spends hundreds on beauty products because she's scared of looking old, buys unnecessary stuff that it's later dump, she's Catholic yet goes to witches to receive fortune tells (basically getting ripped of). She buys technology she dosent understand like iPad's tablets downloads all possible versions of candy crush and possibly spends money on premium shit. Yet her house is in ruin (not painted, broken AC, outdated appliances) she comes with the excuse of "I don't have money".

  5. the problem is income inequality and tax cuts to the rich.The is to pro coprorate the tea party was funded by the koch brothers. Also the dems are a big tent party they have
    blue dogs = center right
    progressice caucus = center left
    and third way who are liberals like obama and bill clinton
    the actual anti coporate left is very small and irrelevant
    As for globolization you can't have a modern economy without globolization

  6. I'm a baby boomer, if just at the end of the group. I was born in 1963. I grew up on a farm in the mid-west US. Farming had the same thing happen back in the 1980s when I was a young man. Most of the farms in those days were family farms. They earned enough to provide for a wife and kids. Through the 1980s and 1990 most family farms went broke and were bought up by corporate farming system that import slave labor to work on them. I helped my brother and his family keep the home farm but I was never able to get married and have kids. I have a reasonably comfortable life now but I do feel rootless. A life without purpose.

  7. I'm younger, so I didn't experience it personally, but looking back in time its like the political parties switched ideologically. Weird.
    Boomers stereotype millenials as lazy and tech obsessed, but my folks get pissed at me for NOT using my cell phone. They watch hours of TV everyday and are constantly texting. I'm early gen z though but same thing.