Baby Boomers – What to Do on a First Date


So you are a baby boomer and you are going out on your first date after not being with someone for a while. What do you do on a first date. Will you make the right choices? Where to meet and how to work out if your date is right for you can be a very challenging experience. There are many things to consider, where should you meet, best answer is in a public place with lots of people around. You don’t really know this person yet. So safety in numbers is the best answer. You could try what most people do and meet for coffee, but this can be a bit constricting, you will have a table and chairs in between you. This could be a good thing but it could also be a bad thing for your first date. Other ideas is have a picnic in a lovely waterside setting, take a rug and a full picnic with you and watch the day flow past the both of you. You will know if this setting is right for you. You can tell by the chat sessions and e-mails you have exchanged.

Decide what else can you do on a first date, find out as much as you can about them, don’t make it a spot light grilling session, exchange information with each other, so you both get to learn more about each other. Give them your full attention, don’t keep checking your mobile phone for messages, this is a sign that you not interested in them, learn more about positive body language, I have written a few articles on this topic, it is very important to know. Ninety percent of communication is non spoken, so learn more about it.

First dates are always stressful and everybody is always nervous, it is the fear of the unknown that causes this. So once you have learnt a bit about your first date then hopefully this will settle down.

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