Baby Boomers – What Will We Do With Them?


Surely Baby Boomers know what their doing, or do they? This is a huge topic for discussion that is in progress worldwide at this very moment. Why? Well governments, planning departments, housing, accommodation, health, researchers, policy makers etc are all concerned (at different levels) as to how "The Coming of Age" of baby boomers is going to impact on society both financially and socially.

So how will this affect Baby Boomers? Unfortunately these people will find themselves wanting a BMW lifestyle on a very limited budget. There are those of course that are planning and have planned for retirement. These are the minority not the majority. Over 50's that find themselves retrenched, or out of work for any reason, are finding it incredibly difficult to re-enter the workforce.

Instead of their experience being an asset to a company, it is being dismissed for the younger, so called, more educated person. Baby Boomers are having to rethink their options. Home-based businesses have become a very viable option. There are millions of people surfing the Internet on a daily basis looking for opportunities. If your first thought is, these people don't know about computers, you are very wrong.

Computer technology continues to be the most popular subject for people over 50 to study. Although these people have not grown up with computers, they see this area as very important for their ongoing education. These people are willing to adjust and take action to continually learn, and improve, to maintain their lifestyle.

The following are 7 reasons Why having an Internet business is very viable:

  1. Very little capital outlay
  2. Work from home
  3. Flexibility
  4. The potential for thousands of customers (potential buyers)
  5. Learn as you earn
  6. No special skills
  7. The potential for financial independence
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