Baby Boomers will Lose THEIR and their children’s wealth.


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  1. Social security is long gone. Lol. They raided it in the 90s under the Clinton and took out all the positive value and replaced them by IOU treasuries. You can not spend 10k out of your own account and then just stick your own 10k check I front of your family and say- see, we still have 10k. Lol. The program is running cash flow negative? There is no fund, it's all just tax and redistribution.
    Trump, I am not counting him out yet, but I'm highly dissapointed!!
    He has filled his administration. Up with zionists and Goldman Sachsers. It's a mess.

  2. Social Security from the get go should have had earning caps on it. System was set to where everybody received it. If taken seriously by it's name Social Security, it should have been for the part of society that ended up in retirement/ill health, security for the weaker class that had little to nothing from working from their companies, self employed, that lacked SECURITY! Like widows, widowers, children, spouses, families void of earners due to deaths, vets, handicapped, mentally impaired etc. I know from living in Arizona especially for a long time, there are many, I mean too many retired households that considered their social security "play money", "chump change" they all called it. Pissed me off all the time. While others lived like real time poverty level. Earlier this week when McCain did his "speech" to Senate about working together to get things done for Americans, he was sooo patriotic?! More like pathetic. Made me ill. Once again, garbage in, garbage out. Nothing more than political puff and fluff and America felt sorry for him?! Even Presidents who served qualify and get S.S., non the less based on their income!
    Millionaires, Billionaires all based on their life incomes don't forget folks! Repulsive.

  3. The establishment could not allow the bill to pass. Trump cannot be successful. Some GOP senators had to take the risk on a down vote. McCain likely knows that his days are numbered regardless. He does not work for you Arizonians, and he certainly doesn't work for the rest of the Republic. He never has. He is a big defense industry shill. Throw em all out!

  4. I am a BB 60. Always tried to do the right things, worked sometimes 3 jobs since age 11. Very few jobs were there in late 70's after college. Was fortunate to find one. Spouse also 60. Economy ups and downs caused several moves and job changes, no kids. Job loss in 2010 wiped out most of our savings. Please walk in our BB shoes first. Also, the older BB's are very different from our age group. You cannot just paint w a broad brush. This just adds to another divisive platform vs all of us putting aside our opinions and trying to put our heads together and solve. We do not have kids, and are deeply concerned about leaving a legacy behind and plan to do so to three nephews. See Catherine Austin Fitts where she claims trillions have been stolen from us to fund secret programs. Who would have guessed the extensive level of corruption in all aspects of our country. Each day a new revelation even more dramatic than yesterday.

  5. Sorry I missed the Live broadcast. I am on the tail end of the boomers, I encourage you to continue pointing out what this generation of "sex, "love" & rock n roll" has and is doing to the world. Free Love is "cheap" and it's being proven….Thank you and keep up your great contribution.

  6. Hey Maestro…Your commentary has turned very political…..far cry from your strict charting videos from videos past. Just like the rest of us, once you begin to dig you just keep digging deeper. It took a bit of convincing on the Metals manipulation but you finally came around. Glad to have you on board and wish you continued success.

  7. The problem is we have people with the lack off Balles, It has become kiss ass nation, a bunch of wussies.
    Scared to take risks, borrow and invest, with a credit score of 450 good for car purchase 20% interest.
    I invest and create my own retirement plan, But I work 10 hours a day 7 days a week. I borrow, hire employees, pay taxes, build wealth, business. Superbowl, Christmas, 4th, don't care I have to push the wheel while I can, But a soon as I buy a new truck for my business everyone in my neighborhood wants to kill me. Messed up world.