Battle Hymn of the Baby Boomers (HD)



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Battle Hymn of the Baby Boomers
Lyric by Bill Dyszel
(To the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic)

We baby boomers just got older than the President.
We’re all staring in the mirror wondering where the decades went.
While we still think we’re as young and hip as characters from RENT!
Those days have passed us by!
HOLY CRAP! We’re getting older!
We’ve pissed our youth away!

Were desperately maintaining our desirability,
But there’s only so much you can do with plastic surgery,
Cause today were only “young” if you compare us to a tree!
Our youth has passed us by!
HOLY CRAP! We’re getting older!
We’ve pissed our youth away!

We were born into an age of infinite prosperity,
And we never saved a nickel. We just spent incessantly.
Now we’ve postponed our retirement til the age of 93,
If nothing else goes wrong!
HOLY CRAP we’re getting older!
We’ve pissed our youth away!

NOTE: The music and lyrics are completely clear for broadcast. I’d welcome live performance if anyone wants to do this lyric set to the Wilhousky arrangement of the Battle Hymn – it’s written with that in mind. My only requirement is that you credit me and tell me when and where you’re performing it.

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  1. Well that was fun, and I totally relate to the song, for all you baby boomers out their you don't need to live in cardboard boxes!

    Learn how to use the internet and start earning a income from home if I can do it anybody can. Just Skype me graham.holdbrook and I will show you how at no cost. We must stick together us Old folks. PS I was learning skill this weekend in London the teacher was 15 years old and earning $1200 per day online. The World has Changed so must we

  2. @kiddizzy123 Beleive it or not, the generation born from 1985 to 2005 (coming of age now) shows great similarities with their GI grandparents. If you are in your teens or 20s like me we may be the next "greatest" generation. If you are interested read "the Fourth Turning." A great book that ties history with generations.

  3. you guys are going to HAVE to be the next Great Generation…if you aren't the USA is going "bye bye".

    As a Gen X'er I want to welcome you to the fight…it's been hopeless for us because we've been outnumbered by the boomers…

    let's fix this mess…

  4. I love how you touched upon the numbers issue in a couple of your posts, because it's one of the many things that irks me about the boomers and the mess they and their parents left. They instituted all these policies that required either a booming economy or a growing population to support (social wefare policies, among others) and then they turned around and outsourced half the economy and had fewer kids so they could pursue their careers. It's just… what were they thinking?! were they even?

  5. Oh crap is right. I still feel 16 – until I look in the mirror or at my passport photo. Or when my arthritis hurts. Or when cashiers assume I qualify for a senior's discount without asking me. Or when I meet a friend I haven't seen for years who is younger than I and they look old. Oh crap!