Black Baby Boomers HOMELESS & BROKE! How’s That Integration Workin’ 4 Ya?


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  1. Go to the ATL. My stepbrother lives there. Visited multiple times myself. Down there you see people dressed sharp as razor blades, driving nice cars but they living under overpasses on the freeway, living in their cars, dark back-alleys. Matter of fact there are many homeless folk there but you wouldn't even realize it because they believe in the theroy of ''fake it 'til you make it''

  2. Integration definitely isn't good. My whole momma side of the family is a product of it and they are all fucked up. Myself included… My dad side are a bunch of Negropean Coons. And that's how I wound up under the epcot center in Disney… And my dad and his sister STILL DENY it TO THIS DAY… I hate evil Sister Ajali… I hate what it has done.

  3. I just received my copy of “This Black”!!! Once I received the notification that is was ‘out for delivery’, I found myself puttering around the kitchen so I could hear the mail truck. Once I heard the truck, I ran out to meet him and … I HAVE MY COPY!!!

    Now I am about to take a bath, put on something comfortable, and read the night away… 😁

    Blessed be

  4. It's crazy there's homeless people in the U.S. when there's so much unoccupied land and even abandoned buildings. An area near my hometown is almost completely abandoned. I mean, blocks and blocks of vacate houses that were foreclosed on due to "taxes". I looked up the amounts owed for taxes on some of the homes and the amounts are not much. It's like a ghost town now though. A news outlet covered the story a couple of years ago. The area is called Castle Point. So sad.

  5. In the UK there seem to be more of them on the streets (homeless) than us. Saw three of them today. One in an underpass and two by a supermarket. I always make sure to never give them a red cent of my money. It's not my job to finance people who will take my money then call me the N word as I walk away.