Blaming baby boomers for the nation’s woes just creates more … – Washington Post


The divisions in our culture today are fed by commentary such as Dana Milbank’s Oct. 26 op-ed, “It’s time to kick the baby boomers out of power.” Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump blames Mexicans, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) blames billionaires, and now Mr. Milbank blames baby boomers. 

Blaming one group or another doesn’t provide insight or solve anything. All that this slicing and dicing and polling and labeling of our population creates is more division. 

We could use more civil discourse, including in the editorial section. We need to work together to solve problems and stop the name-calling, race-baiting, ageism and misogyny. 

Helen Van Ryzin, Waterford, Va.

I was taken aback by Dana Milbank’s indictment of the whole generation of baby boomers for this country’s inability to solve its problems. Like me, millions of boomers have worked their whole lives, with some success, to gain equal rights for all and to improve the social welfare in many ways.

Based on Mr. Milbank’s criteria for assigning guilt — having been in power when the country has not solved many of its problems and favoring Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump over Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton — there’s another group of Americans eminently qualified to be kicked out of power, as he recommends doing to the boomers. Who are they? Men. If people can be blamed as a group and urged to depart powerful positions according to their age, why not according to their gender? I don’t think we want to suggest either.

I wish Mr. Milbank’s generation the very best in governing and improving our country.

Susan Hoechstetter, Washington

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