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  1. Most baby boomers spent everything they had on luxuries and lived way beyond their means.

    Most baby boomers expect their children, some of whom are just entering their 20's to retire them for them. Worthless parents who don't give two shits about their children's financial future – as long as they can retire on their children's salary.

  2. @Interests2009 You are sadly deluded. You blame all baby boomers for sending jobs overseas? I never owned a company! Talk about unfair!! Look to big business when you're trying to find blame! Look at the wealthiest 1% who don't give a shit about the little guy! That was part of what the boomers were protesting in the streets about! Talk about having a shitty attitude and blaming the wrong people for what's wrong in the world! You kids don't understand who runs things; the corporate elite

  3. If a baby boomer ever and I mean EVER tells you too toughen up! Laugh your ass off these are the weakest people in the world! Their parents handed them a bright future and they pissed it away. FOR EXAMPLE this woman getting botox isnt doing it for a job she is doing it because she always wanted it and doesnt care. The government will borrow more money from your kids! These people are pathetic!

  4. Baby boomers living above their means and now you are disrespecting them? You have a lot of nerve. You do not know the differance between right and wrong.Financial means or security is relative. If you have never known hard times you have never lived. The fact a person has survived to a certain age is an accomplishment. I can't believe younger people could be so cruel and selfish and self serving. 

  5. If you've lived long enough to deal with issues of retirement as a baby boomer then you are a successful survivor of life. You didn't get to be this age by being stupid or lazy or believing all the media spin on a topic. You already have the experience, knowledge and ability to grow and adapt, and to affect national issues. Retirement is just one more challenge and opportunity for the most innovative generation in history. Can't find a job? Then create one for yourself and maybe a few others.