Careers-Employment – Why Baby Boomers and Older Workers Are Looking For Retirement Jobs?


Over the years, more and more Baby Boomers and older adult workers have been looking for retirement jobs, while more and more employers are now in need of older workers for their retirement jobs. In former times, the answer to retirement jobs used to be a strict ‘no-no’ when the line between work and retirement was clearly defined. In those days, most people worked until the age 65 or so, saved up a substantial amount of money, and then headed to their rocking chairs to relax and bide their time.

So, why are more Baby Boomers and older workers seeking retirement jobs?

Today, whether or not they retire before the age of 65, or perhaps after the age, an increasing number of baby boomers and older workers are now choosing to make retirement jobs a steady part of their retirement years. According to reports by the National Council on Aging, it is estimated that almost one out of three Americans aged 65 or more has a retirement job and at least works part-time.

This trend is more or less likely to increase as the years go by since more and more baby boomers are preparing to retire from their regular jobs. According to a survey:

  1. A staggering 85 percent of baby boomers have claimed to be working in retirement jobs.
  2. Only 10 percent said that they expected to work full-time in a retirement job.
  3. Roughly 60 percent said that they would rather work part-time either for fun or income.
  4. Nearly 15 percent of them said that they’d rather start their own retirement jobs.

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