Catering Equipment to Blend Food for Babies


Mothers of young babies have only one main concern and that is the health of their babies. Healthy babies are strong and happy babies. When a baby reaches the stage where they are able to start eating solid foods, mothers look to provide their young ones with the best vitamin rich foods. Generally vegetables and fruits are the first types of solid foods that a baby will eat due to its high nutritional content. In order for a baby to ingest vegetables and fruits, you will need to blend or puree it so that it can be fresh, chewable and digestible.

A food blender is a great piece of catering equipment for mothers. It gives you the freedom to create your own recipes for your young one. You could choose different vegetable flavour combinations such as potato and carrot, or sweet potato and peas. Or you could choose fruit combinations such as apple and banana or strawberry and mango.

The Hamilton Beach Food Blender makes blending and mixing vegetables and fruits a breeze. It is a good idea to cook the vegetables first. Peel it and boil it until it is soft. Thereafter, you can place it in the Hamilton Beach Food Blender. The 3HP motor which is the maximum output power lets you easily puree vegetables to a smooth consistency. The economical design is such that it keeps the ingredients circulating through the blades which ensure that vegetables or fruit contents are well emulsified. Mothers will appreciate the adjustable speed dial that offers you variable speed options. Whether you need too slowly or quickly blend the vegetables, you can do so at your discretion.

With this daily task you do tend to wonder whether this catering equipment will be able to handle the daily blending. This unit has a jar pad sensor that helps to prevent wear and tear. Plus the temperature gauge alerts you if the motor overheats in order to prevent unnecessary burnout. So you can go ahead and use it every day.

As a mother you can get creative with the Hamilton Beach Food Blender and invent your own recipes. You could blend carrots, pumpkin and butternut for vitamin A rich meal. Blending strawberries with pineapple and orange juice will give you a vitamin C rich dessert. If you make a lot of a particular mixture you can store it in the freezer in ice cube trays for another day. You can serve your baby delicious pureed meals that are freshly prepared at home for the maximum nutritional benefit.

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