It was so cold

My battery died but some of these homes had local sons who could have been over to shovel snow and didn’t

It just doesn’t pay to have kids. They are liabilities and you can’t predict the outcome of the little DNA trophies -nevermind the fact that you brought them into harms way by initiating existence

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  1. But then again baby boomers are the main reason we have the Cheeto in office. Also, no one asks to be born, no one should be obligated to slave away. I know that there is little choice once we're here, but I'm more of the mind that the parents are the ones who should get their asses out there and clean up the environment since it was their poor choices that contributed to the destruction of the environment to begin with. Breeding is just a bad decision all around.

  2. Parasites. However, parents aren't even the tip of the iceberg, but rather "governments" and "voters" responsible for the systemic parasitism codified and declared "nature" by communist collectivist fiat.

    Take comfort in the fact our species is totally finished. It has clearly lost its mind and has no real understanding or appreciation of its own nature, inception, biology, ecology, civilization, or bigger inevitable struggles. Worse, 99.9% couldn't care less about remedying the extinction level maladies our species faces or even objective knowledge and logic generally. It's going nowhere but extinct in its sole environment fast becoming a overpopulated, toxic, and destitute catastrophe.

    Don't ever expect empathy from an aristocracy of collectivist sympathy living at your biological, ecological, or sociological expense. Causing suffering and/or deterioration to "help" others has been Duplicity 101 since the dawn of illogical logic.

  3. I was born in 1964. I LOVE how rose-tinted that conservatives – of ANY generation – view the world,
    and their chrono-bias: thinking THEIR generation was "the best, the greatest", but ALWAYS disparaging the younger ones. e.g. I LOVE how "The Greatest Generation" COMPLETELY forgets about the MILLIONS of Nazis and Soviet ultra-nationalistic communists and the fascist Japanese (nothing inherently good nor bad about being a communist) were the ones committing all those atrocities and genocides and mass forced starvations that only members of the Allies defeated.
    In other words they ALWAYS FORGET about the MEMBERS OF THEIR so-called "greatest generation" ON THE OPPOSING SIDE OF WHATEVER WAR/CONFLICT they were fighting that MADE them great.

  4. To the stupid rightwinger below:
    Love how you blame "communism" – even though I KNOW for a FACT you NEVER met a communist in your life, you NEVER had ANY idea who ran for the Marxist and Socialist parties in the USA.

    So hilarious that you condemn these non-existent "communists" inside a FREE MARKET CAPITALIST COUNTRY
    and insult communism which IS about people HELPING other people whereas CAPITALISM is all about selfish parasitic greed.

  5. I would have to disagree with you on this. Many elderly people are rude, not just kind peaches and cream people. Baby boomers love to shit on millennials and generation Z, which I wouldn’t blame them but not. every. problem. is. because. of. US.
    A lot of conflicts were caused during your time, especially the Vietnam and Cold War.