Dating Advice for Boomers – Do You Believe There's No Love for You?


Do you suffer from "There's No Love for Me" Syndrome? This whoa-is-me outlook on love includes the following eight limiting beliefs:

1. All the good men (women) are taken.

2. Love does not really exist or last.

3. Who would want me? I'm too old, fat, unattractive, problematic, dull, etc.

4. Men (women) can not be trusted – they're all scoundrels.

5. I'll never find the right one for me.

6. I'm too busy to date.

7. I can not remember how to flirt or connect with men (women).

8. Love is pain, so I want neither.

We've all heard these beliefs or said themselves because they are so prevalent today. Personally I think that's a sad statement. For whatever reason, as a society, a lot of Americans have become more and more isolated. So many of us work very hard, live at light speed cramming in too many responsibilities and taking little time out for ourselves.

But, self care and time out are critical for a healthy, balanced life. And personal playtime or socializing is just as crucial. While you can live a full and joyous life solo, if you long for love, you'll need to do something about it to make it happen.

If you suffer from "There's No Love for Me" Syndrome, here is one surefire way to turn things around. Start noticing happy couples. Yes they do exist! You may encounter them at the movies, at the grocery store, out to dinner, or walking down the street. Setting your internal radar on finding happy couples is one of the most powerful ways to re-wire your subconscious mind and turn your dating karma around.

Countless people hold these limiting beliefs, so if these sound all too familiar, you are in no way alone! And sometimes just acknowledging this by itself can help to dissipate this negative outlook on love. In addition, when you start seeing happy couples, it refutes these negative thoughts, so you'll automatically have a much harder time hanging on to them and they can start to melt away.

I would not do this dating coaching work if I did not believe down to the core of my soul that finding love IS POSSIBLE! I turned these thoughts around for myself and found my husband. Every day another one of my clients makes this dramatic shift and their love life starts to blossom. Why not join the fun? See for yourself that love is out there for you!

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