Dating For Baby Boomers – What to Talk About on Your First Date


Conversation starters for successful dating and finding love for the second time round.

Knowing what to say on your first date after years of being off the market can be daunting! Should you tell the person about your situation, everything from your break up to your children to your divorce history or the affair, I mean you’re just being honest aren’t you?

The answer is NO!! Remember your date is simply that your date, a potential new partner to share your life with, not your therapist. Keep the war stories to yourself and your supportive friends.

The more you talk about the past good and bad the more your date will think you are living in the past and think you have more baggage than the carousel at the airport! Not a good look, and a sure fire way not to get a second date. Talking about your ex, your divorce, how nasty they were or the heart ache you experienced in the break up will have your date running for the hills. If you can’t think of anything else to talk about ask yourself if you really are ready to meet someone new?

Listening to someone’s trauma is so exhausting. Think of the movies, when you see a serious drama with a sad ending how do you feel compared to seeing a feel good movie?

So what should you talk about?

Always ask your date plenty of questions about them. One of the biggest complaints I get are “He/she didn’t even ask me a thing about me!”. Ask your date what their passions are, do they have any goals, travel plans, where they have travelled including exotic locations and favourite memories.

Kids are a good topic too, not too much focus of course but show some interest, it will make your date feel comfortable with you particularly if they are family orientated.

Hobbies, interests, arts, sports, music and reading are fabulous topics and will have your conversation flowing naturally.

Be yourself! Sooner or later they will be meeting the real you. Ensure you are looking for the right qualities when looking for that special someone do you share similar interests and values? Do you feel good when you are around them? If you have answered yes to those questions it’s a great start!

Finding love for the second time round is exciting, so what are you waiting for?

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