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  1. IMHO there is no way that individuals can be blamed and held accountable for the problems of the collective. However, at a minimum parents are mainly responsible for what happens to their children (to a certain extent). Strangers aren't responsible for fixing problems that people create for themselves and their kids. But as a matter of principle and out of compassion, strangers often will step in and lend a helping hand when needed. With that said, some of the people of past generations in positions of political clout and power definitely dropped the ball. The boomers in power created a lot of problems for future generations.

  2. All due respect, I would not say that you look like you could be on the cover of Jet Magazine, but you definitely look well enough in your natural, black beautiful self to not be in pitch dark.- Hard to give when one lack resources. We have to learn how to be content with little or a lot.

  3. Me personally….Yes my ancestors have dropped the ball. I have created my own individual ball. The generation X has failed miserably and there is no coming back from that. My Mother, Aunt's, Grandmother, and cousins were the biggest Welfare Queens that you've ever seen. I had to create my own legacy because they were too illiterate to teach my anything. Now I have the knowledge and business model to pass onto my children. At first I did blame them for my struggles until I got the knowledge from a White business Man on how to better my situation. People say White people are this and that, but they are the ones who I got my knowledge and business sense from, and I'm very grateful for that.

  4. Can you make a video on Black funerals? Every Black funeral I attend is always a State burial or a cremation. A State burial cost is $1200 dolllars here in Virginia. Don't know how much it is in other States though. There's this pull together as a "family" to get money or creating a GoFundMe account for burial assistance. There are family members who I know of that don't have a headstone because their family can't afford $700 for a headstone….but they have money for TV's, weed, and Jordans. I wonder if anyone goes through this when a family member dies.

  5. I wouldn't say they drop the ball maybe they could have done things differently I guess, but to me Black people stay in survival mode not all, but sometimes you're just trying to live nothing more. My paternal grandparents with the help of my Mom and Dad built a house and left land to their children, my aunt and uncle live in that house today.

  6. To this day, if you ask an elder for advice they will be glad to give it to you. I came up during a time where people respected their elders and would not dare call them names or make fun of their ages or the aging process. But they do, respectfully, mind their own business. The following generations dropped their own balls. (Pun intended). LOL!!!