Do Baby Boomers Deserve Nursing Home Visits?


Without a doubt the Baby Boomer generation is to blame for the country’s poor financial and economic condition today. But before you punish an entire generation by ostracizing them, realize it is a BEHAVIOR that can be found in ALL generations that needs to be punished, not just the boomers – leftism and socialism. Ergo, let history punish the boomers, all you need to do is ostracize leftists.

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  1. A rant is not an analysis.  Ron Reagan and conservative republicans started us on the road to ruin with the non sense that we can cut taxes , increase military spending and balance the budget. NONSENSE………we has 1 trillion in debt then and 20 trillion now, thanks republicans.

  2. No nursing home visits? Fuck that, I left them already, they treated themselves very well, I feel no guilt. I won't even visit them in health. My parents are right-wing, so fuck you. They don't care who they vote for, they don't follow issues, they just vote as their friends do. The worst baby-boomers are the ones who send their kids off to war. They really don't give a shit. Aaron is an idiot for blaming politicians, its the people, stupid. Our parents, begins and ends right there. That's why you say its 'not so simple' at 8:55.. because politics have no place in this conversation. It's personal.

  3. Why turn this into a Democrat vs Republican debate. First off, according to any economist you ask the country started to decline economically when Reagan was in office and the wages of the middle class hit their peak and started to decline under Reagan as well. Clinton turned that debauchery you call Reaganomics into a surplus and steered america towards the path of prosperity and economic growth. Then we elect a republican president and this ass-hole wages 2 wars we couldn't afford plus tax cuts for the rich, courtesy of the tax payer, and your going to make this asinine argument that liberals are responsible for the economic decline. Now don't get me wrong, I'm an American first then a moderate. I don't believe in petty ass partisan politics and I think it's childish of you to put so much of your attention into it. We're all to blame!!!! Not just the conservatives or the liberals, but all of us. 

  4. Agreed, the baby boom generation will go down in history as deserving of genocide, but each boomer should be dealt with on an individual basis. Maybe some boomers go straight to the ovens, probably the majority, but others might only get hard labor

  5. What you said reinforces and confirms what I have been doing for the past eight years.  I have slowly weeded out those whom I deem liberal out of my social life and try to surround myself with more people that believe in the Constitutional and libertarian principals that I have.  A lot of my family have become hard core liberal democrats now (even though most of them say their "moderate"…yeah right) so I try to keep my social interaction with them at a minimum.  I can't totally cut them off socially; I can keep it to the minimum and not buy into the bull shit they continue to espouse.

  6. Reagan was the worst fiscally responsible president of the lot and you can ask David Stockman to confirm this.  He cut taxes and then decided to go on a military spending rampage.  The debt tripled as result of his actions.  Then Bush II, decided to cut taxes when we had a balanced budget.  Then he decided to go into Iraq.  He left Obama with his deficit after bloated capital gains and housing revenues went away.  True Obama wants to spend, but he can't.  The deficit has dropped as result and due to Bush tax cuts expiring.  But he did freeze social security benefits for 3 years. You can't compare movie box office receipts today and the past due to inflation.  Stockman even praises Clinton as a deficit hawk.  The deficit does not matter, but the deficit compared to the debt and money supply does.

    Sounds to me you are trying to justify being a brat.  Looking for an excuse to get away from a dirty job.  Who voted in FDR?  Who voted in Wilson? Honor thye mother and thye father.

  7. Just saw this video.  That's a nice idea you got there but for some of us our entire social circle is made up of Leftists.  It's more of a cultural thing in my case.  I think the cultural preferences preceded the political interests but the politics of my culture are nearly uniform.  I'm too heavily invested in this culture to divest from it.  However, I am in a profession that is dominated by Leftist ideology and there is where I can divest.  I'm trying to get out because the politics in that particular sphere are intolerable.

    In the social realm, I cannot do what you have done.  In the vocational realm, I am working my ass off to get out (wish me luck!).