Do Baby Boomers hate their children and grandchildren?


Do Baby Boomers hate their children and grandchildren? (Link to article below)

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  1. Finally the topic expressed! I’m Gen x, The Baby boomers ahead of me I consider the inheritance generation, the full pension and company buy out recipients, so be it, the only problem I have is the baby boomer current attitude of hands off to current problems for future generations, what I here a lot is(from Baby Boomer)” I worked hard, did my 25 -35 years (ahgggg) get my pension and keep my mouth shut” I’ve got 35 years work in, probably got another 20 to go, and I express concern for future generations, Just My 2 cents, all I got.

  2. I am a Boomer, and I am ashamed at how we have squandered our nation's inheritance, and not just our economic inheritance. Our generation is of little account compared to the Greatest Generation. How about a video suggesting specific things we can do to correct the situation? For example, we can pressure the CPC and PPC to make balanced budgets a priority. We can also up our political contributions to ensure that The Kid is removed from office.

  3. Good God there is not one person who votes who doesn't vote in the best interest of their own time. I don't understand the argument put forth today. You live in a "fucked up" time because you sit back and do nothing and just blame another generation of people for YOUR own screw ups. Very cowardly and there are many videos out there who are "boomer bashing". Sadly some of them I had complete faith in. Boomer bashing is just another agenda by the elites, just like Black lives matter is. The blacks blame all whites and the whites blame old people.
    lol you do realize that it doesn't matter who you vote for, because it's always one of the elite's guys no matter who the vote goes to. Voting is pure bullshit. It's just an illusion put there to keep you content. It's always going to be one of their people.

  4. I've tried to ask many why the boomers screwed up the generations.
    All they could tell me was:
    They all had homes
    They lived in better times
    They were all hippies
    The are to blame for the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965
    LMAO you do realize that the boomers were born between the years 1946 and 1964 right?
    That means that babies as young as 1 were to blame for immigrants.
    And for this, they want to tie them up and stone them. A generation who didn't know and couldn't possibly have known what today would bring. They didn't have internet at their fingertips like you do today.
    You're all nuts!

  5. Only after it all implodes and the country goes bankrupt and the mother of all economic depressions triggers a final world war that wipes out three quarters of the population of the world will the sheeplekind awaken from their trance of greed and ignorance.

  6. Then don't pay them dude and quit your fucking whining. They paid for their parents and grandparents but all of a sudden an X er like you wants to moan about doing the same thing.
    Either don't pay or SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP.. It's not the boomers fault that their parents lived in a generation where they were able to have many children. Geez it's the boomers fault for being born?
    Xer's are fucking hypocrites. They had just as much to do with the screw up of America and other nations as the boomers did. Many of them are almost as old as the boomers (this guy) and are complete cowards hiding behind boomers pointing the finger saying: It wasn't me it was them.
    Don't be cowards Xer's you lived in good times and easy street as well but you are letting another generation take all of the blame, sitting back, trying to get the sympathy from the Millennials stating that you were just on the crossroads. Meanwhile, you all own your own homes, drive new cars and go on holidays. Geez does this man "AN X ER" look like he's struggling? I can't believe how cowardly the X generation are.
    God 4 minutes in and he's unwatchable.

  7. A balanced budget by 2040? How do they come up with that? And even if the budget is 'balanced' by whatever government is in place at that time (assuming there is one), what is the debt at that time? Trillions of dollars? Will the 'balanced' budget be used in it's entirety for interest payments? This raises so many questions for me.

  8. Support the PPC!! Join the Peoples Party of Canada!
    Support the voices for the people like the @Canadian Libertarian, share his videos,
    We don't want Trudeau, We don't want Scheer, it's time for a sustainable change in Canada!
    Let's put an end to vampire economics!
    Great video @Canadian Libertarian

  9. I have this difficulty when speaking to my parents where I inform them of where Canada is along with the average citizens, such as the risks of bankruptcy, housing market crashes, authoritarian dictates. When I tell my parents they are likely to lose to their pensions and asset classes as the cost is putting massive financial strain on the millennial's, they simply nod their head and say people have been saying that forever and it hasn't happened.

    So I'm at this point where I realize dangers and I can't convince them to think at all to the point of, if a financial crisis and situation occurs should I just point my finger as they go bankrupt. Personally I'm getting to this point where I want it to happen to spite them, I almost want them to lose everything as they're apathetic to care about changing anything, and I'm not sure whether that makes me a bad person or not.

  10. On the bright side, all those NEW CDN’s coming via the UN Compact will be some upset when the promised gravy train pulls up empty … Imagine how that will go down … Dark days ahead … Buckle Up & Lower the Blast Shield here comes your Brave New World 🌍

  11. The situation is very complex. Prior to 1960, when a 15 year old, started work, there was a severe shortage of 15 year olds ready to take up apprenticeships. ('Outliers' – Malcolm Gladwell). Just 5 to 7 years later, 15 year olds were so plentiful that many were struggling to get apprenticeships or any form of employment, (so the leaving age was raised to 16, and unemployed youth were channeled into 'tertiary education' for which they were not suited). This time period was ruled by WW2 veterans. So when did the boomers actually take over from war veterans? Probably from around 1980. Why do 'leaders' like Merkel, Teresa May, Macron, and Trudeau make such insufferably insane decisions? The most startling change? DRUGS! "Mind-altering DRUGS!" It was fashionable to take drugs, still is. Even 'normal'. As I see it today, this generation (e.g. Trudeau) is mentally disadvantaged by the fact that their forebears were addicted to drugs which attack DNA, so babies are born with DNA critically out of kilter. Who can deny the huge increase in various cancers and turpitude that afflicts kids today, (am I Arthur or Martha syndrome), all because their mother, or grand mother, great-grandmother imbibed drugs, voluntarily or otherwise, which attack DNA (thalidomide). If not them, then they fraternised at parties where drug smoke was breathed in. (A woman dies of lung cancer because her husband smokes.) Seeing now, the enormous damage that drugs do to DNA, this generation is clambering to 'legalise' drugs! You might think that kids today would have learned something, but, through no fault of their own, they were born addicted. We are now seeing the consequences. Is there any hope? Yes, Mother Nature skilfully and mercilessly removes defectives from the gene pool, hence the extraordinary rise in homosexual behaviour, Mother Nature doing her job of eliminating defectives from the gene pool.