Do Millennials blame Baby Boomers for lack of jobs?


The Mind Gap panel discusses if Millennials blame Baby Boomers for a lack of employment opportunities and social assistance.

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  1. Don't blame the boomers. Blame the traitors who lie and tell you we need massive immigration for the people already here to have a good job and life. Blame the tax theft by the pigs at the trough for the country we have today. And we don't live in peace Mr Rand. What planet are you on?

  2. The "Baby Boomers" …the most Destructive Generation, Nationally/Socially Culturally /and Economically , followed their Fathers , the Greatest Generation, who fought for the Christian Culture and Conservative Social Structure that the Boomer Trash mocked ridiculed and attacked, until it gave way to the Multicultural Marxist Socialist Globalist Drug Addled Degenerate Cesspool thats formed in the English speaking Countries over the past 4 decades…

    I look to the Millenials to turn Western Civilization around in a Counter Revolution against all the Agendas and Causes that the Leftist Boomers advocated for and are still being pushed by the Political left and their Lapdog Media…

  3. Wow wow wow… listen baby boomers, you ruined the future because you are the first true ME generation .. the first selfish generation…. Im 30 was elected a union rep at 22 and negotiated 2 multi million dollar contracts with a 2'3 billion dollar pension…. all I saw at the table, from my side was how the boomers were selling out my generation and the generation that is coming behind me to get more and more for themselves… you cant expect the millennial to be patient when all we see is the people ahead of us not giving us opportunities and being greedy… the millennial were lied to about everything… and as far as houses/condos you boomers make it unrealistic even for someone like me making 90000 a year… come on ,be honest thats ridiculous…. I can go on forever… but dont worry we will take good care of you once you enter your retirement homes… pay back pay back my sweet boomers.

  4. Stop blaming boomers for you being LAZY and wanting everything handed to you. Boomers worked hard for what they got, some 50 hours a week or more. They barely used credit cards preferring to pay CASH as to NOT be in DEBT. You Millennial's have it way to easy and expect mommy and daddy and everyone else to dish out everything for you as if your entitled to it… I call you SPOILED BRATS.

  5. I think it has more to do with world economic policies , like the WOrld Bank , World Trade Org , those are the ones to be blamed , or else in 40 years all the generation x would be blaming us millenials for their problems , its economic problem not a human one jeeze ageism has nothing to do with it

  6. So Mr. Millennial is learning that life is tough and sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

    Hard work = stability, not a degree. You can have every degree under the sun, but if you don’t work and prove to an employer that you add value to their company, you will never have stability.

    “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime you’ll get what you need”

  7. Yep they gave us Big Corporations, that like to build products to break down and cost a lot to fix or replace. Corporations also like to streamline production with less staff and more mechanical means. This in turn widened the gap between the rich and poor.

    Jobs, things for people to do to contribute to society is what everyone wants, too bed that is not the reality we have today.